Best Courses & Programs for Female Online Entrepreneurs

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Best Courses & Programs for Female Online Entrepreneurs


On my journey to entrepreneurship, I have invested immensely in myself and in my business. I know that investing in myself and my business is what has grown my business to where it is now and more importantly, to where I am going with my business. I have spent well over $65,000+ on coaches, courses, workshops and mentorship and I am sharing below, my top favorite courses/programs/memberships that I have taken. I only share with you, the ones that I am really happy with and that I highly recommend. The total price of all of these courses doesn’t come anywhere close to being $70,000, so you can easily see that I don’t just recommend any of the ones that I have taken, I only recommend the top ones that I feel like I got the most benefits from AS WELL as the ones that I think you can get the most benefit from.

I have written the pros and any cons to the courses so you can get a full review of the courses.

Niche Training for Health & Life Coaches

One of the most common struggles for health, wellness and life coaches, is that they try to help everyone, which in theory sounds great. But in trying to serve and help change everyone in the world, what happens is that you end up speaking to no one because you aren’t specific. When you aren’t specific, potential clients don’t feel like you understand their specific situation, their specific pain points and what they really want. I’ve seen too many amazing coaches who were afraid to “niche down,” struggle to get clients and therefore, make no income and not be able to help anyone. I want to tell you that the riches are in the niches, say this over and over again to yourself! Over 1500 health, wellness and life coaches have taken this course. Many of the women it has taken them from making ZERO dollars in their business, to thousands of dollars quickly, because their audience knows that they can help them with what they are struggling with most!

I LOVED the Niche Training for Health & Life Coaches, I have personally taken it and it is what helped me craft my “I help [insert WHO you are here to help change their life]” statement, which is where the gold is at. A potential client needs to see very quickly, who it is that you help, if it takes them longer than 30 seconds to figure that out, they are going to go to someone else, who has more clarity. Not only do you figure out who you are here to serve, but she also walks you through how to make that clear to your audience and how to draw your dream clients in, the people you work with who you want to duplicate and work with more people like them!

Angie Lee does a fabulous job of this course, walking you through figuring out WHO it is that you serve, so you can be clear and finally attract those clients in and make the money that you deserve to be making!

Here is Angie Lee & me when I met her in person for the first time and learned from her. She is the most energetic woman I’ve ever met and her energy is contagious!
She’s also a millionaire marketing guru for health, wellness & life coaches. Her Niche Course for Health & Life Coaches is an incredible program (which I have taken)
for helping you to get really clear on who your client is, so you can attract land paying clients!


How Your Business Finances Are Causing You Anxiety

Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Your Results & Client Results Faster

I took an NLP certification course in person and it was by far the best training I have ever done! I came out certified in 5 techniques: NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), clinical hypnotherapy (I have personally been using hypnosis in my life for 4+ years now and I am a huge fan of it), TIME techniques, EFT (tapping) and success and life coaching. The skills that I gained were so incredible, for myself and to use with my clients to overcome their mindset blocks, hurdles and obstacles faster so they can achieve their goals even quicker. I came out learning so many practical techniques I could use with my clients whether in person or online. Some of the things I learned how to address were: overcoming limiting beliefs, overcome mindset struggles, challenge my clients more while being empathetic, how to help my clients have their own breakthroughs and overcome really what’s holding them behind, on the deepest level.

I absolutely LOVED my training. There was pre-training to do at home and then you finished in person. You can choose to do it in person or at home, but I am grateful I chose to do it in person because you get direct feedback in the moment from the instructors as you are doing the different techniques as well as you are actually working on a person, so you are receiving feedback from them as well. If you are wanting to improve your mindset more than you ever have before and learn techniques to improve your effectiveness of working with clients, I highly recommend taking an NLP program!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

I couldn’t wait to dive into Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing when I purchased it because I had heard so many great reviews from others who had taken it. The creator of this course, Michelle, is a serious money blogger who now brings in 6 figures a month from her blog! No that is not a mistake, she legit makes over 6 figures every month from to her blog! And most of this income is from affiliate marketing!

In the program, Michelle goes through everything you could think of that you would need to know for affiliate marketing and then a 100x more than you would never have thought of. She really gives you the step by step process of how to make the most money from sharing products & services that you are already loving and share with others, now you can just get paid to do so! This course is so affordable and you will make your money back quickly. Learning from someone who is an absolute master at affiliate marketing is such a blessing. I am so happy Michelle created the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course!

This is a great course for you if you have an existing business with a blog or a podcast (or if you are going to start either of these right away) or any type of platform where you are sharing your favorite products, books, courses, apps, etc that you have taken and things that you love and stand behind.

If you are already recommending products to your audience and tribe, why not get paid to do so? You are already sharing the things that you love, it is just that now you can be adding a new income source, it’s a win-win because your audience gets to find out what you love and can work great in their life, and you can tack on one more income source, so you can serve your audience and tribe even better.


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Instagram Hashtag Research – #Hashtag Files Society

Something that I know I needed to be doing because I learned it in a great Instagram course that I took, was to be researching my hashtags. The only problem… this took SO much time and I dreaded it. I felt like I was wasting my time doing it, even though I needed to be. Except that I didn’t need to be the one physically doing it. I could outsource this to someone else for cheaper than I could do it myself. So I paid for a monthly membership to the #Hashtag Files Society and I was able to get a huge variety of hashtags that HAD been researched, every single month.

This is an incredible resource to help get your content and message in front of more people on Instagram. You need to be changing up your hashtags A LOT on Instagram in order to reach more people and not to appear so spammy in Instagram’s algorithm. But the amount of time that it takes to find so many different hashtags that apply to our specific businesses and then to have variety, takes SO much time. That’s why I love the #Hashtag Files Society, there is so many different categories of hashtags that Courtney (an Instagram guru and the Hashtag Queen herself) has and the best part, every single month she adds new ones (she also takes suggestions so if you don’t see a category there that you want, she will add it for you!). There are over 5500 hashtags in here and it is growing every single month! She will also let you know when a hashtag shouldn’t be used anymore because it has too many posts and your post would be buried, so she also has a “retired” section, so you don’t have to figure that out on your own.

When I started using the #Hashtag Files Society, I had so many more hashtags and I started reaching more people on Instagram that I otherwise wouldn’t have reached. For the low price of the monthly membership it saves me literally hundreds of hours that I don’t have to sit researching on my own so I can focus on more important income generating aspects of my business! Seriously, I’m sure hashtag research isn’t your zone of genius, have someone else who it IS their zone of genius do it for you, for so much cheaper.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Coaching

If you are in a job that is sucking the life out of you and doesn’t serve you or make you feel truly happy, filled with joy and like you are doing your life’s work and purpose, consider working with a financial coach that will help you to set yourself up financially to be able to leave your soul-sucking job, to do what you are most passionate about. The money that you will spend to work with a coach, will pay off 10x+ more because of the emotional, mental and physical stress that has been reduced in your life and your quality of life improving because you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. This means you will see your stress levels reduce and your relationships drastically change because deep down inside, you are truly happy and that makes you show up as the person that you want to in your life.

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Do you have any questions or anything to add? Leave me a comment in the comments below and I will respond back to you!

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