Business Financial Clarity Session

Do you LOVE your business, but cringe when it comes to the financial side?

I'm going to guess this is you...

  •  You're a coach or service provider who doesn't really have a system or structure for your business finances
  •  You feel completely lost as to how to keep track of everything & stay on top of it all!
  •  You feel unorganized when it comes to keeping track of all your client payment requests & recieved
  •  You're not really sure when all your payments are due & wish everything could just be on autopilot, so you could focus more on your actual business!
  •  You don't have any systems in place, to protect your business finances & you're leaving yourself exposed
  •  You don't really look at your business finances, you think “out of sight, out of mind” 
  •  You think your life would be easier & more organized if you just had a book keeper

But this is who you really are...

You're a right brain thinker & creativity comes naturally to you

You have hundreds of ideas that you want to bring to life

You are passionate about making a difference in the world

You began your business to serve others & BE the change you want to see

Are you nodding your head right now?!?

You Need Systems & A Strategy 

Introducing My

To Your Rescue

The Business Finances Clarity & Profit Coaching is a one-on-one coaching program for health & wellness, fitness, life & business coaches with big dreams to change many people's lives. You just don't have the knowledge and systems in place, to organize and manage the financial side of your business, confidently & with ease.

My one-on-one coaching walks you through every aspect of your business finances that you can think of plus I cover the things you wouldn't even have thought of, but need to know! I provide you with systems that you can start using immediately in your business, that will get rid of your overwhelm and replace it clarity, confidence and structure that you've been craving, to finally make the money side of your business, easy!


So, Who Is This Money Nerd?

  • I'm Mandyy Thomas & I'm an Online Financial Coach, Cash Flow Management Expert & Certified Financial Education Instructor

Hey! I'm Mandyy Thomas, an online financial coach and cash flow management expert that transforms how health & wellness, fitness, life & business coaches manage their business finances. I am also a registered holistic nutritionist, so I also understand the specifics of health and wellness coaching businesses.

I’m your left-brain thinker, your analyzer & your #spreadsheetqueen. 

I’ve been obsessed with studying money ever since I was a kid and I haven’t looked back since! I started with my first spreadsheets back in the day, when I built my first business at 11 years old and have been financially self sufficient, since then.

I know you began your business not to think about the financials and balancing income and expenses, no, you started your business because you love what you do and you wanted to share your expertise and zone of genius with other people!  

So, it totally makes sense that the money side of your business doesn’t come easy to you, actually it completely stresses you out!  

No one handed you a manual & taught you how to keep everything organized, how to stay on top of your finances and how to avoid ripping out your hair and biting your nails wen figuring out your business finances, but that’s all going to change!  

Because this is MY zone of genius.  

I help coaches just like you, simply your business finances so you can confidently run a profitable business.

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If you don't have a financial structure & systems in place for your business, you are losing thousands of dollars every year, let's get you YOUR money back!

How Anxiety is Affected by Business Finance Management


  • You're new in your business and ready to bring money in, or if you're advanced in your business and you have steady leads and clients coming in!
  • You want to feel as confident with your business finances as you do, the services that you provide your clients!
  • You want to know how to manage your cash flow
  • You want to know where your marketing efforts are providing you the highest ROI & what's a waste of your time, I know you're trying to be everywhere at once!
  • You know you are allowing money to slip through the cracks because you don't have systems & a structure in place
  • You know there is a solution out there that is much better than how you've been managing your business finances
  • You're ready for your business finances to be easy!

If you're just doing your numbers up in April for tax time, you don't know what your business financials are. Let's change that.


  •  A system & structure for your business finances 
  •  How to separate your personal & business finances
  •  Easy methods for tracking income and expenses 
  •  Make tax season a breeze for next year! 
  •  Eliminate wasted expenses and stop throwing your hard earned money away 
  •  Come out knowing how to rock your business finances & give up the overwhelm & stress you’ve been feeling  
  •  Ability to scale, become more profitable faster & increase your ROI (aka, make more money girl, which I know you want to!)
  •  An up-leveled customer experience for your clients because of your new organization & systems, which means more word of mouth referrals

Imagine if ...

You never had to worry about tax time again?

You had hours back in your business to focus on your Zone of Genius?

You knew exactly where you stood financially at all times?

You felt as confident in the managing of your finances as you do the services you provide? 

You could scale and increase profitability in your business faster because you have your finances together?

Prepare yourself because you're about to transform into an incredible money manager!


Business Finances Systems

I work with clients in two different ways depending on where they are at in their business:

  • If you're currently making under $150k in your business
  • If you're earning more than $150k in your business

Book in for a call with me so we can determine what would be best for you based on your specific circumstances.

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