Business Productivity Coaching
Business Productivity Coaching

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Proven to ignite biz success + wealth consciousness for purpose-driven, emerging coaches. This is my signature program that will spark MASSIVE results to your bottom line.  

  •  Are you a health coach who has shifted your focus from zone of genius to customer acquisition?  
  •  Are you spinning your wheels trying to get your name out there through marketing and advertising, and as a result, haven’t been able to build sturdy foundation to handle future growth?  
  •  Maybe you’ve even worked with a business coach or enrolled in a program in the past, only to find yourself as lost as ever when it comes to establishing that foundation.  
  •  Have you been YouTubing, podcasting, and scouring the internet for any and all content related to building your biz?
  •  I’m sure you’ve had some great takeaways, but likely are feeling like you’ve missed some pieces to the puzzle.  

Are you nodding your head YES right now? 

Don't worry girl, I've got you covered!


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Hi, I’m Mandyy Thomas, an online business efficiency coach, financial connoisseur, and organization hack expert.  

I’ve always been uber organized and as type-A as it gets; efficiency is my first language and it’s always come naturally for me.  

So, how did I get started with Business Productivity Coaching?  

When I first launched my business, I made my work priority one. I completely halted self care... my workouts and meal prep took the back seat, I wasn’t sleeping enough nor spending time with my loved ones.  

I simply believed there wasn’t enough TIME to establish my business and maintain a normal life.  

Ultimately, I noticed that a majority of my time was being spent on the same repetitive things. So, I put my efficiency hat on and began experimenting with systems for efficiency and automation.  

This shift was an absolute GAME CHANGER.  

My systems helped automate my work and streamline every facet of my business, so I could not only focus on my services, but also support my self care so I could show up RADIANT for my tribe- rather than allowing for my personal health to slip through the cracks.  

And BOOM- I conceived Business Productivity Coaching.  

The more I met with fellow female entrepreneurs, I’d notice that very few of them had organized systems of their own in place. They were essentially spinning their wheels doing the same things day in and day out, with no sense of organization or automation.  

These ladies were getting burnt out with details, and had less time doing what they craved: creating content and changing lives. Rather, they were anxious, burnt out and essentially working 24/7 with zero energy for creativity.  

Every time I would share my gifts of knowledge with them, they’d be completely blown away. They were able to absorb my tips and tricks, apply it to their biz, and instantly see results.  

Witnessing my impact on their business made me realize that there is an abundance of women out there in a similar situation, and I had the tools and know-how to show them a way out.  

I’ve witnessed far too many people who don’t treat their businesses as a true business; rather, they go about running their business like a hobby. There are countless women out there who think they are treating their business as such, but they actually lack know-how related to building a sturdy business.  

I’ve also witnessed many coaches (who happen to run super successful businesses themselves) running programs with a sole focus on marketing, rather than establishing the business foundations, which are absolutely necessary for scalability.  

Business Productivity Coaching was created to provide women, just like yourself, with the knowledge and support to save you time, energy, and freedom- so you can focus on crushing goals and running the business of your dreams.  

I've spent over $37,000 (+ counting!) on business & personal development, and I’d like to share the wealth of information I’ve accumulated with YOU!

I will share the best hacks, tips & tricks you can implement into your biz to deliver RESULTS!


  • A thorough evaluation of your business systems, along with & recommendations on areas of improvement. 
  • Tips on time efficiency & establishing systems that will free up your time, so you can focus on your zone of genius. 
  • A breakdown of what you should be outsourcing vs. what you should be handling yourself. 
  • Templates to transform you into an organizational queen. 
  • Weekly action items for your business goals. 
  • Weekly accountability check-ins. 
  • 24/7 email support. 
  • 2 monthly, 60-minute coaching calls [once a month, 3 consecutive months].  


  • You want to finally get your freedom back… isn’t that the reason you dove into entrepreneurship in the first place ?!  
  • You want to be able to massively scale your business. 
  • You want to spend less time on the same tasks over and over again, and want systems in place to support you. 
  • You want to be able to step away from your business from time to time, without worrying about things crumbling.  
  • You are sick and tired of feeling burnt out ALL THE TIME, and want more time for self care. 
  • You are at a point where you see the importance of setting yourself up for long-term growth and success.  
  • You're response to paying for a coach to help you get your time, energy and freedom back is, "hell yes, I need your expertise and accountability!!!"  
  • You are ready to take MASSIVE and immediate action, like YESTERDAY.  
  • You feel like you need 5 assistants to function.  
  • You are no longer struggling with money coming in, BUT you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, scatterbrained, and just burnt out.  
  • You have built a lot of your business via Instagram & Facebook

If any of the above resonates with you, you've come to the right place.


  • You are struggling to bring in any new clients, and thus profit. My coaching is NOT focusing on marketing. Rather, I’m here to help you get your time, energy and freedom back by setting up systems and ensuring your business has a strong foundation so you can scale and become more profitable.
  • You are not ready to put in the work. I provide the action steps and accountability- but, you must be willing to DO THE WORK.  



“What Mandyy does is nothing short of amazing. She goes above and beyond other coaches. Her energy is contagious, her passion is obvious, and her knowledge is vast. She leaves no stone left unturned! She considers every detail... things I would have never thought of on my own. I consider myself an organized person, but Mandyy takes it to another level! Everything she says makes complete sense, even for someone who struggles with technology. She had simple systems in place to help make my business run efficiently. I was able to implement the tools Mandyy suggested, immediately. I began to work smarter, not harder, after our first discussion. Working with Mandyy was like working along my best friend. She is very approachable and was able to answer every question I had with great confidence and detail. I can not put into words the value Mandyy has added to my business. If you are struggling to put the pieces together in your business, you NEED Mandyy. If you are even considering it, don’t think anymore. Hiring Mandyy, is a decision you will not regret!”



"I just started up my own business and was totally lost on some foundational business and financial know-how. I struggled to make a plan to pay off my personal debt and stick to it. I also struggled with knowing much about how credit cards etc. work.  

After working with Mandyy for less than a month, I paid off $1500 in credit card debt and saved $405. She taught me many different tricks that I had NO clue about and showed me many great ways to budget and plan to pay off debt. She also helped me set up my health insurance, liability insurance, and different things for my business which was SO helpful.  

Chatting with her got me excited to set goals to pay off my debt and run my business smoother. I felt much more motivated and much less stressed or worrying about money. Every week, Mandyy gave me simple tasks to do that didn’t take much time but in the long run are so helpful to manage finances and make a plan to pay off debt and save money along the way! I now have a plan and am very excited to be debt-free in the near future and able to start saving for things such as retirement. This is happening far sooner than I ever imagined, all thanks to Mandyy. I can truly tell that Mandyy is very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about helping others improve their overall quality of life! She has so many tips and tricks that I would never have ever found out if it weren’t for her. After every session with her, I was so motivated and driven to reach my goals with my business and my personal life financially. I highly recommend anyone work with Mandyy, whether you want to pay off debt or learn how to save for something and manage your money in any way, I guarantee you will reach those goals much faster than you’d ever think. Thanks so much Mandyy!"  


“I decided that 2018 was the year to make Mandy Lu Horsemanship official and, it was very evident to me that Mandyy’s knowledge would help me do that. While I didn’t know Mandyy on a personal level, it didn’t take much to see that she is very down to earth and, from the bottom of her heart, devoted to helping others succeed. Not only this, but from her own experience of being a business owner, she has the know-how of rightfully turning a dream into a reality. I didn’t want to miss any steps of setting up my business properly and I felt very secure and confident that Mandyy would send me in the right direction. Not only the structure that Mandyy provided me on running my business, but also some “outside eyes looking in”, has provided me with peace of mind that serving others by following my heart is what I am here to do.  

Whether you are looking to get your dream lifted off the ground, or looking for personal financial coaching, I strongly recommend Mandyy as she always has your best interest at heart.”  

Health Coach Kelly


“As someone who was new to the business world, I was very unaware of the different resources when it came to starting an online business. My relationship with money isn’t the best and I am a business owner on a tight budget, but with Mandyy’s help, I was able to feel a lot less stressed and anxious when spending money on my tight budget. Before talking to Mandyy, I found that I kept looking to take the easier (& cheaper) way out of things but after, Mandyy eased my mind when it came to spending the little extra money knowing it would benefit me and my finances in the long run. I would absolutely recommend Mandyy to ANYONE looking to improve in any area of financial distress. She provided me with more information than I expected. I went in stressed about my money situations, but my whole experience with Mandyy was seamless and relaxing. I didn’t feel overwhelmed and she worked with me in such a pleasant manner. The amount of knowledge she has is incredible, and I know where to go whenever I have any money struggles.”


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