Business Resources Recommended


Here are my favorite resources I want to share with you!

Instagram - Researched Hashtags

The Hashtag Files is what I personally use to have researched hashtags to use for my Instagram posts. Over 60% of my paying clients find me from Instagram!

Scheduling Clients Software

Acuity is what I personally use and recommend for scheduling in client appointments and for potential client calls.

Here is a free training of me walking you through how to set up Acuity for your business!

Delivering Client Contracts (Free)

I love using and recommending JotForm which is a free service, to use for your client contracts which they can sign over the computer!

Client Meal Planning Service

When it comes to creating custom made meal pans for your clients, you know how many hours you can spend doing this and you basically end up losing money on this! That is why I am a HUGE fan of using That Clean Life, where they have already designed so many different meal plans (anti-inflammatory, low GI, candida, etc. You just pay a subscription fee and you can offer this service to your clients and actually make money off of it AND save hundreds of hours!

Client Contracts, Legal Paperwork (Website, etc)

It is very important that when working with clients, you have them sign client contracts ahead of time, but it is also important making sure that they have important legal jargon in them to make sure YOUR but is being protected. Wn youbuild our website, you also need to have 3 "legal" things on it that are specific to you and your business: discalimer, privacy policy and terms & conditions. In the past few years there has been more "policing" about these, so it is important to make sure that you do eventually have them on your website. Personally I used a lawyer named Christy Westerfeld and she is who I have recommended all of my friends to use as she understands the health & coaching space and her contracts are specific to these niches.

Niche Training Course

If you aren't sure the specific "niche" that you want to serve and how to sum up who you serve to prospective clients, this course (which I have personally taken) is a great course that walks you through figuring out exactly who you help, what they help you with and how to market it so you have clients saying, "that's ME!" Over 1500 coaches have taken this course to help them define their niche! Remember, the riches are in the niches!