How to Feel Confident with Managing Your Everyday Finances Checklist
How to Confidently Manage Your Everyday Finances

How to Confidently Manage Your Everyday Finances

How to Feel Confident Managing Your Money

If You're Making Good Money Already and Want to Take it to the Next Level:

  • Learn how to know where your money is going
  • Step by step process financial blue print to be confident in how you're managing it
  • Start saving more money for the most important things to you

Who is Mandyy Thomas?

I am an Online Financial Coach who helps people who make good money but don't know where it goes, to get clarity and create a plan to keep more of it. 

Working together I help you to make progress and reach your goals and feel confident with how you are managing your finances.

From mastering my own financial situation I have been able to:

  • Graduate post secondary education, DEBT FREE two times
  • Leave a 6 figure income to go back to school while owning a home
  • Pay 2/3 of my brand new SUV in cash
  • Put my brother through his first year of school
  • Pay over $20k in out of pocket health expenses when I was not working, without going into debt
  • Sponsor a child in Mali even when I was away at school with no income
  • And much more!

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