Financial Coaching to Leave Your 9-5 for More Freedom!

With my one on one financial coaching, I help you to get your finances organized, find out where you can be saving that you probably don't even realize so you can create a bigger cushion of money that you can invest into growing your business and leaving your 9-5 or taking your full time business, to the next level to be making more money.

We work together to get your finances in order so you can save more money each month so you have more money available to take your business to the next level so you can leave your full time job, invest more into your business so it can become more profitable and faster and have the ability to travel more often.

Do you already know that hiring a coach or outsourcing will help your business to grow faster & earn more money sooner, but you're not sure how to come up with that money?


  •  Feeling like you aren't doing what you love, because taking the big leap of faith, makes you scared financially?
  •  Not having the freedom that you so desire?
  •  Having to answer to someone else and living your life by their schedule?
  •  Not being able to travel to the places you want to?
  •  Not being able to spend more time with your family and friends?
  •  Knowing that you will eventually hit an income cap in your current job and that is the most money that you will ever make?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, my financial coaching program is for you.




  • "I just started up my own business and was kind of lost on some of the business things as well as the financial side of things. Life gets so busy and it’s easy to push things aside such as financially like debt. I struggled to really make a plan to pay off my personal debt and stick to it on my own. I also struggled with knowing much about how credit cards etc. work.  
  • After working with Mandyy for less than a month I paid off $1500 in credit card debt and saved $405. She taught me many different tricks that I had NO clue about and showed me many great ways to budget and plan to pay off debt. She also helped me set up my health insurance, liability insurance, and different things for my business which was SO helpful.  
  • Chatting with her got me excited to set goals to pay off my debt and run my business smoother. I felt much more motivated and much less stressed or worrying about money. Every week Mandyy gave me easy tasks to do that didn’t take much time but in the long run are so helpful to manage finances and make a plan to pay off debt and save!  
  • I now have a plan and am very excited to be debt free in the near future and able to start saving for things such as retirement without any worries. This is happening far sooner than I imagined all thanks to Mandyy. I can truly tell that Mandyy is very knowledgeable, experienced, and very passionate about helping others improve their overall quality of life! She has so many tips and tricks that I would never have ever found out if it weren’t for her. After every session with her, I was so motivated and driven to reach my goals with my business and my personal life financially.  
  • I highly recommend anyone to work with Mandyy whether you want to pay off debt or learn how to save for something and manage your money in any way, I guarantee you will reach those goals much faster than you’d ever think. Thanks so much Mandyy!"


I decided that 2018 was the year to make Mandy Lu Horsemanship official and, it was very evident to me that Mandyy’s knowledge would help me do that. While I don’t know Mandyy well, it didn’t take much to see that she is very down to earth and, from the bottom of her heart, devoted to helping others succeed. Not only this, but from her own experience of being a business owner, she has the know-how of rightfully turning a dream into a reality. I didn’t want to miss any steps of setting up my business properly and I felt very secure and confident that Mandyy would send me in the right direction. Not only the structure that Mandyy provided me on running my business, but also some “outside eyes looking in”, has provided me with piece of mind that serving others by following my heart is what I am here to do.  

Whether you are looking to get your dream lifted off the ground or looking for personal financial coaching, I strongly recommend Mandyy as she is an individual that always has your best interest at heart.


  • My name is Mandyy Thomas and I am an Online Financial Coach and Certified Financial Education Instructor! 
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When I graduated high school and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my career, I knew I wanted to study something that would give me financial security and also be something I enjoyed. A couple of years later, I graduated as a third class power engineer and I began my career with an amazing company in my field.  

I worked at that company for four years and I loved it. I loved the people I worked with, I loved the work that I did and that I was being challenged.  

And then I started to notice that I wasn’t as fulfilled as I once was. I didn’t feel the same sense of pride to be doing my work that I used to. It was a tough time with the economy and I learned that any sense of financial or job security that I grew up being told you would have if you “got a good job,” was absolutely not true.  

I was experiencing so much anxiety around the thoughts of financial scarcity which led me to experience “brain fog” and binge eating when I would get stressed about thinking about my finances and wanting to take the leap of faith, but not knowing how I could do it.  

I felt unfulfilled and like someone else could do my job, but that I had a much greater purpose.  

One night when I was working a night shift, I was walking outside and then it finally hit me. A lightbulb went off in my head. I knew that I had to pursue what I was most passionate about in order to feel alive again and to be the one that determined my financial future.  

I positioned myself, so I could to leave my six figure income to go back to school and then to start the business of my dreams afterward when I graduated. I was able to hire incredible business coaches to help me with my business because I had the financial skills to make that happen. I would never have been able to do any of this without going into debt, if I didn’t have the financial education and skills that I developed.  

I was blown away by the connections that I made about unmanaged financial stress in one’s life and how significantly it impacts one’s physical and mental health, that I decided to further my education and also become a Certified Financial Education Instructor.  

I combined my love for managing everyday finances and my experience of being able to leave a six figure income to go in full time on the business of my dreams (without getting a “job” to subsidize it) and I help women to do the same. I wanted more women to experience the sense of freedom, fulfillment and true purpose that I experienced. I wanted them to not feel so anxious about their finances and to have an action plan of how to take that leap of faith, while feeling confident financially.  

My goal is to change the way you think about money and to teach you those ever so important money skills you never learned in school, which will make it so you can get your finances in order so you CAN take the leap of faith and have the freedom and fulfillment that you’ve been craving. I provide coaching to empower and support you on your money journey.  

I keep you accountable to your goals so you can do more of the things you love most in your life, whether that be taking your side business and making it your full time gig or being able to take your business to the next level because you now have the funds to do so, travelling, spending more time with your family and loved ones, waking up with more energy or whatever else that makes your heart light up.  

I can finally travel, which is something that I was never able to do growing up. 

Sharing my knowledge and skills with you, so you, too, can learn lifelong money management skills and be able to invest more into yourself & your business - ABSOLUTELY EXCITES ME!

This coaching will help you to be able to overcome health issues, improve your relationships, have more energy and finally be able to do more of the things that you want to do in your life!

I am ready to see you free yourself of your finances holding your health & happiness back, and for you to feel calm, relaxed & enjoy your life again!!


  •  Leave a 6-figure income to go back to school, all while owning a home and to come out debt free
  •  Start a business debt free after graduating school & not earning any money for OVER a year  
  •  Graduate post secondary education, debt free 2x 
  •  Pay 2/3 of my brand new SUV in cash 
  •  Buy a home and put 20% down on it 
  •  Put my brother through his first year of schooling 
  •  Pay over $20k in out of pocket health expenses when I was not working 
  •  Purchase my show horses & compete in a very expensive hobby that I love 
  •  Sponsor a child in Mali even when I was away at school with no income 


  •  Feeling purposeful & fulfilled because I wasn't working at a job for "financial security" anymore
  •  Being able to get rid of my daily anxiety, fears & money scarcity mindset
  •  Having energy that I hadn't had in years, because I wasn't spending every day constantly worrying about money
  •  Feeling so much more aligned with my true purpose and being the change in the world I wanted to see

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You are probably wondering, what is the difference between what I do as a financial coach and other financial professionals...

As a financial coach, I help you to get your finances organized, to build awareness in your spending habits, to see where your "money leaks" are so you can save more money by reducing your expenses and building a greater gap between your income and your expenses, so you can pay down debt faster, create a nice cushion so you feel more financially prepared and put yourself in a position so you have more options in your life. We also work on your money mindset. We are very emotional with our money, and helping you with your moey mindset, is where true financial change lies.

I do not sell products such as insurances or investments. I do not handle information about taxes, only CPA's can do that.  

I cater to your specific needs. I listen to what your goals are with your finances and where you are currently, and map you out a plan of how you can get there and I hold you accountable.

Instead of just saying, reduce your expenses or "you need a budget," [because let's all be honest here, that is NOT actually helping you at all], I actually teach you the HOW. How you can get your finances organized, how you can be saving more money, how you can create more room between your income and your expenses and how you can address overspending & emotional spending. I help you to align your spending with what you want most in your life and set you up for success to achieve those goals.


  •  Clarity in Your Financial Goals
  •  Weekly Action Steps for Your Overall Business & Life Goals
  •  Weekly Acountability & Check-Ins
  •  E-mail Support
  •  Weekly Videos & Tutorials
  •  Each Month, 1-30 Minute Coaching Call
  •  My Hack Your Expenses Guide
  •  My How to Sell Your Items in Facebook Groups E-Book


  •  You want to feel in control of your finances and your life
  •  You are ready to put in the work to change your money struggles now
  •  You refuse to be in the same place financially, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from now
  •  You know you need financial education, proper guidance, an action plan & someone to hold you accountable
  •  You are at a point in your life where you are willing to make the time to make your goals a priority
  •  You're response to paying for a coach to help you set up your finances to take your business full time and to save you money that will more than pay for your coach is, "hell yes, I need your expertise and accountability!!!"
  •  You are ready to take action now


  •  You are still considering whether or not you are ready for massive changes in your finaces
  •  If you aren't ready to commit to making yourself & your finances a priority
  •  If you are not ready to put in the work, I give you the action steps & accountability, but you must be willing to do your part
  •  If you aren't ready to financially commit to paying for a coach to help you completely change your financial situation, so you end your money struggles & can live the life that you want to, so much sooner

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 Your Investment:

4 Months of One on One Financial Coaching $1600

6 Months of One on One Financial Coaching $2400

Payment plans are available.

If You Aren't Ready to Invest Financially in One on One Coaching, You Will Want to Check Out My Pay Off Your Credit Cards Course & My Hack Your Expenses Guide, to Get Started on Your Financial Journey Right Away