• Frustrated that your debt doesn’t seem to be decreasing & your savings aren’t increasing even though you make good money
  • You’re ambitious and driven and want MORE in life but you feel like you tell yourself you’re happy but really you know you’re just settling because of money
  • Feeling stressed leading up to vacations because you’ve put it on your credit card and feel that guilt hanging over your shoulder until it’s paid off--leaving you not able to fully enjoy the beach
  • You feel more stressed about money than your partner and deep down you don’t feel really heard because “we make good money”
  • You get frustrated because you want to do more with your money but end up overspending and feeling guilty
  • You tell yourself you deserve the purchase so then you buy it and feel bad about it because you’re not getting the results you want
  • Not having much of an emergency fund and you’re always playing scenarios out in your head of what would happen because you don’t actually have enough money to cover an emergency
  • Being able to give your kids or future family the life you didn’t have growing up, but you wonder how you’re going to be able to make this happen financially 
  • If you’ll have enough to retire and what kind of life you’re going to live once you are unable to work anymore (and worried about the burden you may be on your family because of it)

If you’re nodding your head right now, I’ve got you.

And what you’re feeling is exactly why I created the solution…


The transformational 4-month program 1:1 with Mandyy Thomas for high-income earners. You learn how to transform your finances by diving deep into your money and implementing your customized personal financial plan through the Cash Flow Success Formula.


  • Financial Clarity & Plugging Money Leaks
  • Cash Flow Management by Paycheck using the Plan Ahead Method

  • Fill Your Savings Buckets
  • Pay Down Your Debt

  • Money Mindset Reset
  • Increase Your Credit Score to Save Thousands
  • Build Real Wealth

Mandyy's proven process has helped hundreds of clients (just like you!) change their lives and transform their finances.

Client "C" Anonymous as she shared real numbers

I have been waiting to write a review of Mandyy’s financial coaching because I wanted to make sure I could properly emphasize the difference this program made in my life. I worked with Mandyy 1 on 1 for her 12-week program and it was amazing how she was able to set us up for success and get us out of a pay cheque to pay cheque lifestyle. Emotionally it lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders (myself and my Husband). For the sake of the review I thought actual hard and fast numbers would better help depict our experience. (Please note looking back I am appalled at the financial position we were in and I am even a little embarrassed to admit we were at this place only a year ago). Mandyy is so great at encouraging and celebrating wins no matter how small!

In summary we paid off $52,500 in debt, put over $25,000 into savings and increased our investments by $13,500!! 

I also wanted to add that we didn’t live on ground flour and water through the process (Much like my husband was afraid of) we were able to plan and still enjoy things in life through these processes just by being better at managing and understanding where our money goes! I actually was able to show my horses all summer WITHOUT GOING INTO ANY DEBT and we were able to go on two mini family weekend vacations (Covid restricted us from doing much more) and paid for it all with CASH! If you’re on the fence, I can tell you with utmost confidence that if you are willing to commit the time and willing to make changes (some that are hard) this program and working with Mandyy will change your life!


What was your financial life like before you started working with me for coaching?

Before I started with Mandyy there was no real structure, system or transparency around my money. On many occasions I would transfer a bunch of money to my savings account only to have to transfer it BACK into my daily account because I had run out of money, or had to pay for something unexpected. I had no idea when payments were due out of my account, and no idea how much money I spent on eating/dining out, going out etc. It was all just one big guessing game.

What were your struggles with trying to get your finances in order on your own?

It was a mixture between lack of accountability, and also not knowing if what I was doing was right. I tried to do it myself once but I didn't have the confidence/belief in the system and myself that it was the best way to manage my finances. I tried using a budgeting app, but it just didn't work out. My finances have never been in a really "bad" position, I've never had any credit card debts. Because it had never gotten "bad" I never saw a reason to try and improve it, but there was a turning point when I got into a bit of debt to my partner, got myself out, and then fell back into it, and that didn't sit well with me, so I made the decision then that I would do something about it, to reduce the chances of getting myself in that situation again, and to equip myself with the knowledge and tools so that if I did, I'd know how to get myself out of it.

What were some of your highlights of financial coaching?

My partner and I planned to go travelling around Europe for 3 months, and with the way the whole spreadsheet was laid out, I was EASILY and QUICKLY able to figure out (pretty accurately) how much I was going to be able to save on my current income before our trip. Seeing that figure wasn't only a great insight, but it gave me the drive to push further, set a bigger savings goal, and actually go out and take action to accomplish it. If it wasn't for Mandyy and the tools she's given and taught me, I wouldn't be in the position I am right now.

You are so much more than a "financial coach". After every single call I always leave feeling happy and upbeat. I truly appreciate your support and understanding, you never once left me feeling ashamed of my situation or bad about anything I had done/not done. Mostly I love how you constantly push me not only to do better but to celebrate ALL my little wins along the way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

In 6 months of working together, Amanda saved $21,600 & she travelled during this time too!


Paying Off Credit Card Debt

My mental health has improved greatly since working with Mandyy. I have been given money managing tools that have not only helped me pay off my debt, but have also helped improve my mindset relating to money. I have less stress and anxiety towards money.

I have really appreciated the customized help and step-by-step action plan she provides for me that is specific to MY goals.  

I would recommend Mandyy to anyone and everyone! Even if you don’t have a huge goal like mine of paying off a big chunk of debt, I believe that you could still learn a ton from Mandyy and your life and mental health can greatly improve!  



"I highly recommend anyone to work with Mandyy whether you want to pay off debt or learn how to save for something and manage your money in any way, I guarantee you will reach those goals much faster than you’d ever think. 

  • Thanks so much Mandyy!"


Before I began working with Mandyy, my financial life was chaotic and unorganized. I knew I needed help to get this chaos under control but I had no idea how to do it.

I always told myself next month will be different. I won’t overspend and I won’t have to dip into that LOC to pay off the CC. But there always seemed to be something new that arose. In November I had no more room on our house LOC so I had to take $15,000 from another line of credit to pay off the CC.

At first, I was worried about paying the monthly fee for financial coaching. I thought we are already struggling...Where are we going to find that money every month? Honestly, since I started working with Mandyy I haven’t worried about paying her...not even once. It just always seems to be there and it’s never a struggle. The money we have saved is worth every penny we paid of the monthly fee.

In three months, we have that $15,000 LOC paid off in full! I set a goal to pay that off in a year and it was paid off in three months. I can’t even begin to tell you how we feel about that. We’ve also managed to save approx $1500. I look forward to our meetings.

Mandyy is a caring and kind individual and I never feel she is judging me. I can’t tell you how she has changed my life. It has even helped with my relationship with my husband. We talk a lot more about things especially money.

I highly recommend Mandyy financial coaching service. No matter how big or small the issue is, her teaching abilities go above and beyond. This is a unique way to help get your financial issues under control and with dignity and acceptance. Thank you, Mandyy for changing my life.  


  • You want to have more to show for the good money you make
  • You’ve created budgets and tracked your spending but you still feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck and your debt really isn’t going down
  • You’re annoyed by the additional expenses that come up and seem to throw you off course, which then frustrate you and cause you to blow your grocery & eating out budget
  • You want to feel in control of your finances and your life and not have money controlling you
  • You're excited to feel confident about how you're managing your finances


Meet Mandyy, your new Financial Coach.

Mandyy helps people who make good money but don't know where it goes, to be able to keep more of it and make HUGE financial progress so they can achieve their big financial & life goals.


She grew up in a family who didn’t have a lot of money, so from a young age she began her journey of learning how to effectively manage her money so she didn't struggle financially like her family did growing up. Mandyy dove into learning about money and implementing different strategies from a young age. She’s read over 60+ finance books to date and been interviewed on 40+ podcasts.

Mandyy went to school to become a power engineer and really enjoyed what she did. She was making a 6-figure income and achieved many of her big financial goals, at a young age. 

What she realized though, was that a lot of the people she knew who were making really good income, many of them making 6 figures+ who were really smart and skilled people, were struggling financially. They weren't getting ahead, even when they would get a raise or a bonus. Seeing people who had good careers and income struggle financially, she knew she had to help these people. 

This is what led her to begin her business coaching other people with their finances.

You can live a life where you aren't feeling so stressed, where you are truly getting ahead and making real financial progress. Let Mandyy show you how.

There's a lot of people who can teach you how to make money, but fewer people who can show you how to KEEP more of the money that you worked so hard for. How does she know that? Mandyy was able to save $250K by the age of 26. And she can show you how too!

Aside from Financial Coaching, Mandyy is a dog mom, a horseback rider, a health nut (she has a smoothie every morning and a giant salad for lunch) and she’s obsessed with Kombucha.

Mandyy is also the host of the Intentionally Wealthy podcast.🎙

Mandyy has helped her clients pay off debt, increase their savings & investments and get ahead with their money.

Save a Quarter of a Million Dollars+ by Age 26

  • Have a positive six-figure net worth by age 24
  • Have a 6-month emergency fund for when those "rainy" days came along
  • To save 20% for a deposit on purchasing a home
  • Graduate post-secondary 2x debt free 
  • Pay 2/3 of her brand new SUV in cash
  • Help financially put her little brother through his first year of post-secondary education
  • Sponsor a child (because she wanted to give back in a bigger way)
  • Improve her sleep because she wasn't laying in bed worrying anymore  
  • Overcome her extreme exhaustion because she improved her biggest stressor
  • Overcome her anxiety around money & no longer felt scarce every day
  • Have freedom and in turn, leave a 6-figure career
  • Feel confident, feel financially safe & secure & have peace of mind
  • Clarity on Where Your Money is Going
  • A System to Stop the "Whammies" & "Surprise" Expenses That Have Been Preventing You from Making Real Financial Progress
  • Fast Tracking Your Debt Payoff
  • Reducing Your Financial Stress & Anxiety
  • Increased Feelings of Financial Safety & Security
  • A Growing Savings Account You Aren’t Dipping Into
  • You’re Easily Paying for Big Expenses in Cash - Travel, Christmas, Vehicles, etc
  • Paying into Investments YEARS Earlier or Increasing Your Current Contributions
  • More Options, Opportunities, Peace of Mind & Freedom
  • You Feel Empowered and Have Hope about Your Finances

This IS what Mandyy's clients experience when working with her.

And it IS available to YOU! You just have to make the decision and commit. You have so much to gain.

Mandyy helps you solve your most expensive problems.

  • You were able to pay for all of your travel in cash?
  • Your savings account was growing and you weren’t constantly dipping into it?
  • You had a fully-funded emergency fund as your safety net?
  • Your credit cards were paid off and you remained credit card debt free?
  • You could get your finances together now so your kids or future kids didn’t grow up feeling scarce about money?
  • You felt financially safe and secure and you were on the fast track to feeling freedom?
  • Thorough Intake Process Before We Begin
  • Financial Clarity Session (90-minute kickoff session diving deep into your finances)
  • Customized Cash Flow Plan
  • 8 - 1:1 calls with Mandyy over 4-Months for High Level Accountability
  • Access to Mandyy’s Library of Educational Videos for Planning & Optimizing Your Finances
  • Text/voicenote (Voxer) support from Mandyy  
  • In order to ensure the best fit of working with Mandyy, please note that a minimum take home pay of $5000/month is required to work with Mandyy 1:1



<<< That's an increase of 120 points, saving her TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS+ in interest!