Do you make a ton of money but your bank account tells a different story?

I'm Going to Guess This is You...

  •  You make really good money, but you don't know where it is all going
  • You feel like you should have more to show for the money you make
  • You don't feel confident how you're managing your cash flow
  • You’ve been focusing just on making more money to try to out-earn your cash flow problems

Are you nodding your head right now?!?

You don't have to feel that way anymore and I don't want you to.

That is why I created a solution...

You Need Systems & A Strategy 

Introducing My

To Your Rescue

The Confident Cash Flow Coaching is a high level one-on-one coaching program for coaches and online service-based entrepreneurs who are performing at a high level. You already have people in place to help with your bookkeeping and an accountant to help with your taxes. I fill the missing void of how you are managing your cash flow so you don't end up with cash flow problems as you rapidly increase your income. We tie all areas of your finances and cash flow together so you can feel more financially safe and secure as you grow your business and income.

Keep more of the great money you’re making

Grow your wealth even more because you’ve plugged your money leaks

Achieve REAL financial freedom (not just time freedom)


Meet Your New Financial Coach

  • I'm Mandyy Thomas & I'm a Financial Coach &
    Cash Flow Management Strategist

Hey! I'm Mandyy, a financial coach & cash flow management strategist that TRANSFORMS how coaches & service-based entrepreneurs manage their personal & business cash flow.

I’m your left-brain thinker, your analyzer & your #spreadsheetqueen. 

I know you began your business not to think about the financials and cash flow management. You started your business because you love what you do and you wanted to share your expertise and zone of genius with other people!  

So, it totally makes sense that the behind the scenes money side of your business doesn’t come easy to you. 

You can be working with a bookkeeper and an accountant and still feel like you have cash flow management issues, but that’s all going to change!  

Because this is MY zone of genius.

I help entrepreneurs just like you, effectively manage your cash flow so you can confidently run a profitable business AND be making big financial progress personally.

By age 26 I already saved $250,000+

Angie Lee

Host of #1 Podcast for Female Entrepreneurs, The Angle Lee Show
Co-Founder of My Sould CBD
Founder of Pays to Be Brave

Mandyy is incredibly talented when it comes to helping people with their finances and is one of the most knowledgable money coaches I know! Mandyy has opened my eyes to so many new exercises to help me manage my finances & shift my financial mindset. I trusted her to teach & coach my clients through their struggles with building their online businesses. Mandyy is incredibly smart, positive, motivating & consistent in her coaching style! She's a breath of fresh air in the money coaching world!



You CAN'T outearn bad cash flow management, it will eventually catch up with you!

You can make high 5 & 6 figure months and even multiple 6 or 7 figures in a year and still have cash flow problems, I see it on a daily basis.

Let's Change That For You.


  • You’re already making six figures or multiple six figures in your business
  • You’re ready to be KEEPING more of your hard-earned money
  • Already have an accountant and bookkeeper (or are willing to get them stat)
  • You don’t want to just keep making more money, you want to become more PROFITABLE
  • You’re ready to feel empowered and actually understand your business finances

This is my highest level 1:1 coaching program for entrepreneurs.


4 month 1:1 program with me depending on the specifics of your personal & business finances.

Phase 1: Rock Solid Financial Clarity

I’m going to dive deep into your business and personal finances with you, so we can see everything. You’re going to have the most clarity you’ve ever had with your finances before. With this level of transparency, I am able to see all of the various areas that are holding you back from making faster financial progress.

Phase 2: Plugging Your Money Leaks

Let’s plug your money leaks so you are working smarter not harder. I'll help you ditch any "bad" debt you have in record breaking time. You won’t have to feel like you’re chasing the next sale or the next client. You’ll have more money available to you to invest in your business, in multiple income streams and building true wealth, because you aren’t leaking money.

Phase 3: Managing Your Cash Flow Like a Boss

The more money you make and the bigger your business gets, the MORE you need to be on top of your cash flow. The more you grow, the more people that are counting on you and the more you have to lose.

Imagine If ...

Deep down inside you felt as financially successful as you are from the outside

You and your money were both working smarter, not harder

You never had to worry about cash flow issues again

How Different Your Entire Life Would Be

I Need Help with Cash Flow - Apply Now!

Click the link above to fill out my application to apply for a free call with me. I’ll evaluate your application form and we will hop on a call to see if we’d be a great fit to work together to transform your finances.