Here's the deal. You...

  • Have massive imposter syndrome because you talk about how much you make, but you feel broke because you’re not actually keeping any of that money
  • Freak out when you see your income dip down and then you focus on chasing more income and signing new clients & launching new programs
  • Make a lot of money but you don’t have a solid & secure foundation and this scares the sh*t out of you
  • Feel exhausted because no matter how much you make, you always seem to be stuck in this “make more and more” cycle, but you never seem to get ahead
  • You’ve done a lot of work on your money mindset, but deep down you still struggle with fears of “but what if it STOPS coming in or dips down?!?”


  • A beautiful growing bank account that you can be proud of?
  • Feeling in control of your finances instead of them controlling you?
  • To see your personal savings account growing so you can make those other big life purchases (have your dream wedding (you’ve got the most gorgeous Pinterest board) & purchase a house someday?
  • A healthy business that is *actually* PROFITABLE instead of a hot mess express?

Your #1 value is FREEDOM - of your time & money.

Yes you already have freedom of time and you preach financial freedom, but deep down you don’t feel financially safe or secure and you don’t have a 6-month emergency fund to protect you & your biz.

This makes you frustrated so you avoid your finances and then make bigger purchases that will try to make you feel like you have the financial “freedom” you are so desperately craving.

And then the self-sabotaging cycle repeats itself.

Girl, I’ve got you!

This high level program was designed for YOU, the online service-based biz owner, to finally get clarity on your business & personal finances and make REAL progress
(not stretch the truth marketing “financial freedom”
that sooo many people are claiming online)

Right now, taking care of your biz finances isn’t that “sexy,” but guess what, the
Cash Flow Success Formula dives deep into all of the dirty details that
will have you piecing together your financial puzzle with ease.

You’ve attempted to budget before, you’ve written down tons of affirmations about money, you’ve focused on the law of attraction and you’ve probably even read You Are a Badass at Making Money… but you’re still struggling financially.

Yes your business is making more money, but you’re also investing even more into it and now you have more responsibilities and more to lose, more people are counting on you now.

Even reading this, the financial pressure of your business starts to creep in. 

You want to have more space in your life but you’re worried to take a step away from your biz because it might collapse. Therefore you are constantly launching and doing more and more to keep the money coming in and it ends up feeling like the opposite of having space, it feels constrictive, needy and suffocating.

I get it. I have seen hundreds of women go through this same cycle. 

But there’s good news... it DOESN’T have to be this way.

Learning how to make money is one skill.

Keeping money is another skill in itself and this is the one you need to master, stat sister.



You’ve been working in your biz for a while, hustling your booty off. Another day goes by where you avoid talking about the “elephant in the room” (a.k.a your finances) with your partner.  You dread the topic and hope they don’t bring it up because you’re ashamed that you’re making lots of money but don’t feel like you have much to show for it. 

You’ve been making money but have no clue how to save it. Tax time? Who’s she? You haven’t saved a dollar for taxes and Google never taught you how to take care of your biz finances - now what?

You claim you’re great with your money but yet you’re on this page looking for a solution. 

Think of your business like a puzzle - every piece needs to fit properly in order for it to be complete.
Without all the right pieces, you just have a colorful mess.

Let’s put your puzzle together - The dream lifestyle isn’t so far away when you know the ins and outs of your business BUT you better start paying attention to where the money is going!

Stop letting money leaks happen, feeling embarrassed about the “money talk" and focusing on the wrong parts of your business. 

Start feeling in control of your money, less stress sweat when tax time rolls around and confident knowing where your money is coming from and where it’s going.

CASH FLOW IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF YOUR BUSINESS. Managing your cash flow needs to be just as much of a priority as the "new" money that's coming in.


  • You’re a coach or service-based entrepreneur who makes more than $100,000/year in your business for gross income (total sales) [if you’re making under $100,000/year in your business (or you're making more but not ready for high level support), you’ll want to check out my Tax & Profit Planner here instead]
  • You’ve been taking random amounts from your biz for your personal finances but haven’t actually been paying yourself consistently
  • You’re stressing about having money set aside for taxes
  • You feel like a hot mess express when it comes to your biz finances 
  • You’re ready to feel empowered and confident behind-the-scenes with your money
  • You want to repair your money leaks and be aware of everything going down in your bank account

Meet Your New Financial Coach

Mandyy Thomas

Mandyy helps online service-based entrepreneurs to know what to do with the money that is coming into their business, to know how to save for taxes, pay their business expenses, pay themselves personally and continue to grow their business to greater profitability. She marries the strategy and tangibles with deep next level money mindset work enabling women to feel more financially safe & secure by keeping more of their hard earned money.

When Mandyy first started out on her entrepreneurial journey, she didn’t know how to...

  • Separate Her Personal Finances From Her Business Finances
  • Save For Taxes (Even Though She Was Working With An Accountant)
  • Pay Herself from Her Biz
  • Track Her Income & Expenses

After diving in head first and learning a ton about business finances, Mandyy had a light bulb moment - BING! She asked herself, “How didn’t I know how to do any of this important money knowledge as a Financial Coach?”

When it comes to finances, a lot of “conventional” actions for a brick-and-mortar business are not the same as online businesses. There are a lot of grey areas Mandyy had to dive deeper into because running an online business made it an exception to the brick-and-mortar biz rules.

So, what about all of the other entrepreneurs out there?How were they supposed to know how to do any of it, especially by themselves? And that’s when Mandyy shifted to coaching online service-based entrepreneurs on their business finances. She created the high level program she WISHED had existed when she began her entrepreneurial journey.

Mandyy runs her multiple six-figure business and:

  • Pays herself first like clockwork 2x a month (& has no debt)
  • Has money set aside for taxes
  • HIGH net profit business (used to be negative net profit now it's very profitable)
  • Invests in tax-advantaged ways (personal networth is multiple 6-figures outside of biz)
  • Is also a bookkeeper (& offers done for you monthly bookkeeping)
  • Has her business structured for recurring income to help reduce such big swings in income from month to month (consistent 5 figure months+)
  • Set aside one year worth of personal salary, as an entrepreneur
  • Her money doesn’t stress her out anymore hence, she finally gets her beauty sleep and feels more productive!

There's a lot of people who can teach you how to make money, but fewer people who can show you how to KEEP more of your money that you worked so hard for.
How does she know that?

Mandyy was able to save/invest $250,000+ by the age of 26.

She also has been able to increase her net worth by over $100,000+ in a 12-month period, because she knows how to really manage money. And she can show you how, too!

Aside from Financial Coaching Mandyy is a dog mom, a horseback rider, a health nut (she has a smoothie every morning and a #saladthesizeofmyhead for lunch) and she’s obsessed with Kombucha.

Mandyy is also the host of the Intentionally Wealthy podcast.🎙

Mandyy has helped her clients:

  • Pay themselves personally
  • Catch up on paying taxes & be prepared for the current tax season
  • Pay off debt (Over a million in debt). I've helped multiple clients increase their net worth by $80,000+
  • Increase their savings & investments
  • Get ahead with their money

As heard on: The Fulfillment Project Podcast with Sara Fennell



Business Coaching Finances Testimonial


Angie Lee's Financial Coaching Testimonial

You’ve invested ten’s of thousands of dollars in coaches who make multiple 6 & 7 figures and your focus has been on making more money.

What are you doing to invest in the money that’s leaking out the door?



  • Save Thousands To Reinvest In Your Business To Grow It Faster
  • Feel Organized AF And Confident In Yourself, Your Business, and Personal Finances
  • Be Proud Of How You’re Managing Your Business Finances
  • Save Yourself Time & Money
  • Be Excited About Sharing Your Income Instead of a Fraud (because your savings account IS actually growing now, your debt is paid off and you feel excited about the “back end” of your finances!)
  • Be Confident About Your Finances Because You’ll Be Further Ahead in 6 Months
  • Feel Relaxed Rather Than Scared Sh*tless About Tax Time Because You’ll Have Money Set Aside Each Month

I help you to solve your most expensive problems.



This is Mandyy’s high level 1:1 program where we dive heavily into your business and personal finances and we work together over a 6-month period to completely transform your finances.

We’ll kick things off with a full onboarding experience so we can get on the same page with where you’re at financially, from both a business and personal perspective. You’ll fill out my Cash Flow Clarity Worksheet, which we’ll review for accuracy in our first 1:1, you’ll gain a new perspective on your financial status, start to know exactly what you actually need to eventually pay yourself from your business, and we’ll be able to immediately identify any money leaks.

In this first phase, we’ll kickstart the Business Finance Cleanup Process as well (which I’m sure you’ve been dreading) by getting your business set up and running as a Business and decreasing the financial overwhelm once and for all.

Thanks to your Cash Flow Clarity work, I’ll be presenting you with your personalized Business and Personal Cash Flow Management Systems in Phase 2. You’ll begin to pay bills with ease, especially those unexpected ones, save on autopilot, and even start to responsibly and proactively set money aside for tax time.

This phase is all about implementing the organized systems we’ve created, plus going the extra mile with bookkeeping, projecting your income, and helping you feel empowered and ready for taxes by introducing you to my signature Tax & Profit Planner System.

In Phase 3 we balance your personal financial goals and business financial priorities, learning how to integrate the two into a well-oiled machine. On the business-end, I’ll take you through my Pricing & Investment Audit to ensure that the price you’re charging and amount you’re investing in your business is bringing in enough revenue to get you the personal income you actually need (determined in the earlier phases).

But it’s also worth noting, your business is only as healthy as you feel financially, so we’ll also focus this phase on ditching personal debt and filling your savings buckets to cover your irregular and unexpected personal expenses.

With all organized personal and business financial systems in place, it’s time to look toward the future… or even consider the present. Because the truth is, you can make a lot of money in your business, but still never see progress on the personal front, which is why we need to strategically plan for profit while also sustainably and consistently increasing your income.

It’s not always natural or intuitive for an entrepreneur to wear all these hats, which is why I’ll introduce you to my Wealth Building Action Planner in this final phase, so that whether you’re “there” and ready for the next phase of business and financial expansion, or you just want to be prepped for that time to come, you won’t be one of the many online business owners bringing in multiple six figures with nothing to show for it, personally, at the end of the day.

This coaching will pay for itself and I know it will save you THOUSANDS! 

By getting super organized, receiving all of the deductions you’re entitled to, money will no longer slip through the cracks!!!