Financial Coaching Services

  • You make good money, but you don't know where it is all going
  • You don't feel confident how you're managing your everyday cash flow
  • You feel stuck in your life because of your current financial situation and like you have less opportunities and options
  • You feel like an imposter because you are a skilled and capable person, but your finances don't show that
  • You feel like your life is missing feeling contentment, safety, security and fulfillment
  • You know your relationship doesn't feel as fulfilling as you want it to 
  • You feel scared about your finances but you want to feel more empowered with your own abilities
  • You feel like you should have more to show for the money you make  


  • Worrying about your money?
  •  Your finances draining your energy?
  •  Not having a plan in place for your money?
  •  Your finances causing relationship problems?
  • Feeling like you should have more to show for the income you make?
  • Dipping into your savings account to pay bills and not really seeing it grow?
  • Being a high achiever in so many other areas of your life, but your finances don't reflect that?
  • Feeling like you aren't really getting further ahead, even when you're making more money?

If the thought of getting your finances in order makes you feel confused and overwhelmed... I'm here to tell you that you're not alone

You don't have to feel that way anymore and I don't want you to.

That is why I created a solution...

The Personal Finance Clarity Session is a one-on-one session with me diving deep into your finances and giving you a custom financial plan.

We first start with collecting all of the important information so I have a full picture of your finances and your specific lifestyle. I figured out where your money is going and do a cashflow alysis for you. We do this before the session so I can start creating your plan right away.

During your session we dive right into the strategy and the action steps that you can take to improve your finances.

The Clarity Session for individuals & couples that are not self-employed is $499

The Clarity Session for entrepreneurs & small business owners is $799 which includes 2 sessions, one for your personal finances and a second one for your business finances

Yes! I Want Clarity in My Finances!



What was your financial life like before you started working with me for coaching?

Before I started with Mandyy there was no real structure, system or transparency around my money. On many occasions I would transfer a bunch of money to my savings account only to have to transfer it BACK into my daily account because I had run out of money, or had to pay for something unexpected. I had no idea when payments were due out of my account, and no idea how much money I spent on eating/dining out, going out etc. It was all just one big guessing game.

What were your struggles with trying to get your finances in order on your own?

It was a mixture between lack of accountability, and also not knowing if what I was doing was right. I tried to do it myself once but I didn't have the confidence/belief in the system and myself that it was the best way to manage my finances. I tried using a budgeting app, but it just didn't work out. My finances have never been in a really "bad" position, I've never had any credit card debts. Because it had never gotten "bad" I never saw a reason to try and improve it, but there was a turning point when I got into a bit of debt to my partner, got myself out, and then fell back into it, and that didn't sit well with me, so I made the decision then that I would do something about it, to reduce the chances of getting myself in that situation again, and to equip myself with the knowledge and tools so that if I did, I'd know how to get myself out of it.

What were some of your highlights of financial coaching?

My partner and I planned to go travelling around Europe for 3 months, and with the way the whole spreadsheet was laid out, I was EASILY and QUICKLY able to figure out (pretty accurately) how much I was going to be able to save on my current income before our trip. Seeing that figure wasn't only a great insight, but it gave me the drive to push further, set a bigger savings goal, and actually go out and take action to accomplish it. If it wasn't for Mandyy and the tools she's given and taught me, I wouldn't be in the position I am right now.

You are so much more than a "financial coach". After every single call I always leave feeling happy and upbeat. I truly appreciate your support and understanding, you never once left me feeling ashamed of my situation or bad about anything I had done/not done. Mostly I love how you constantly push me not only to do better but to celebrate ALL my little wins along the way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Before working with Mandyy, I struggled with not even knowing where to start! I struggled with budgeting, big time.

My mental health has improved greatly since working with Mandyy. I have been given money managing tools that have not only helped me pay off my debt, but have also helped improve my mindset relating to money. I have less stress and anxiety towards money.

Working with Mandyy was such a pleasure. She is the sweetest human being on the planet and REALLY cares about her clients and their success. I have really appreciated the customized help and step-by-step action plan she provides for me that is specific to MY goals.  

I would recommend Mandyy to anyone and everyone! Even if you don’t have a huge goal like mine of paying off a big chunk of debt, I believe that you could still learn a ton from Mandyy and your life and mental health can greatly improve!  


  • After working with Mandyy for less than a month I paid off $1500 in credit card debt and saved $405.
  • I felt much more motivated and much less stressed or worried about money.  
  • I now have a plan and am very excited to be debt free in the near future and able to start saving for things such as retirement without any worries. This is happening far sooner than I imagined all thanks to Mandyy. I can truly tell that Mandyy is very knowledgeable, experienced, and very passionate about helping others improve their overall quality of life! 
  • After every session with her, I was so motivated and driven to reach my goals with my business and my personal life financially.  
  • I highly recommend anyone to work with Mandyy whether you want to pay off debt or learn how to save for something and manage your money in any way, I guarantee you will reach those goals much faster than you’d ever think. 
  • Thanks so much Mandyy!"


I had been trying to make a budget for 9 months and in a couple hours she helped me make one that was realistic yet allowed for more money towards paying down debt. This was a huge weight off my shoulders. I didn’t realize how much I thought about it when I hadn’t done it yet. Mandyy was so less judgmental and more forgiving of me than I was of myself through this process.

  • Her energy and understanding helped me to go and make further changes that I would have procrastinated till the small task would have been a mountain. I was so proud to have completed the task and excited to see the money I saved! I didn’t realize how much I needed the breathing room that Mandyy helped create for me. 
  • I’m really grateful she helped me feel empowered and not ashamed of where I was at. 
  • I totally recommend Mandyy’s program.



Mandyy is incredibly talented when it comes to helping women with their finances and is one of the most knowledgeable money coaches I know! I trusted her to teach & coach my clients through their struggles. Mandyy is incredibly smart, positive, motivating & consistent. She's a breath of fresh air in the money coaching world!

~ Angie Lee

  • Host of #1 Podcast for Female Entrepreneurs, the Angie Lee Show  
  • Co-Founder of My Soul CBD  
  • Health & Wellness Business Coach 
  • Founder of Pays to be Brave  
  • Motivational Speaker 


  • You want to feel in control of your finances and your life
  • You refuse to be in the same place financially 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from now
  • You have a stable or variable income and you struggle with managing your money
  • You are tired of not having a plan to manage your everyday finances
  • You know you need financial education, proper guidance, an action plan & someone to hold you accountable
  • You are at a point in your life where you are willing to make the time to make your goals a priority
  • You are ready to take action now
  • You're excited to feel confident about how you're managing your finances
  • You've been struggling growing your savings account because you dip into it to pay bills or you're often putting bills on your credit card


Hey! I'm Mandyy Thomas and I'm an Online Financial Coach and Cash Flow Management Strategist. I help people who make good money, but don't know where it goes, create a plan to keep more of it and begin making progress and reach their goals.


Growing up in a family who didn’t have a lot of money, from a young age I began a life long journey of learning how to really effectively manage my money so I didn't struggle entire life financially like our family did growing up.

I went to school to become a power engineer and I really enjoyed what I did. I was making a 6-figure income and I achieved many of my big financial goals. 

What I realized though, was that a lot of the people I knew who were making really good income too, many of them making 6 figures+ who were really smart and skilled people, were struggling financially. They weren't getting ahead, even when they would get a raise or a bonus. Seeing people who had good careers and income struggle financially, I knew that I had to help these people. 

This is what lead me to begin my business coaching other people with their finances.

You can live a life where you aren't feeling so stressed, where you are truly getting ahead and making real financial progress. Let me show you how.


  • SAVE and have money in the bank
  • Have a full emergency fund for when those "rainy" days came along
  • To save 20% for a deposit on purchasing our own home
  • Improve my sleeping because I wasn't laying in bed worrying every single night anymore  
  • Overcome my extreme exhaustion because I improved my biggest stressor, my finances
  • Reduce my anxiety around money & I no longer felt scarce every single day
  • Graduate post-secondary 2x debt free and pay 2/3 of my brand new SUV in cash
  • Be able to do what I really wanted and in turn, leave a 6-figure income 
  • Sponsor a child in Mali
  • Communicate effectively in my relationships & they became so much more fulfilling 
  • Feel confident in how I was managing my everyday cashflow and I was proud of my financial situation


  • Clarity on What You Can Do to Control Your Financial Future
  • Know Exactly Where Your Money is Going
  • Cash Flow Analysis of Your Finances
  • A System to Stop the "Whammies" & "Surprise" Expenses That Have Been Preventing You from Making Real Financial Progress
  • Organization of Your Finances
  • A Financial Plan Going Forward
  • Learn How to Feel Successful with Your Role of Managing Money
  • Learn How to Manage Your Money Even with a Variable Income
  • You Feel Empowered and Have Hope about Your Finances
  • A Structure for the Management of Your Money Which Helps Improve Communication in Your Relationship


 Your Investment:

Personal Finance Clarity Session (for non-entrepreneurs)  

2-Hour Session 


Financial Clarity Session for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners 

This Clarity Session Package is composed of 2, 90-Min Sessions (one for your personal finances and the second one for your business finances)  


Payment plans are available upon request if needed

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The Clarity Session is the beginning step to improving your finances.  

I also offer monthly coaching programs afterward to:

  •  Help you implement what you have learned
  •  Feel confident in how you manage your finances
  •  Make you feel safe, secure and taken care of and so your finances aren't holding you back anymore
  •  Take your finances to the next level