About Mandyy

I provide individuals and couples with step by step action plans to feel confident with how they are managing their everyday finances
and reducing their 
anxiety around money, to do more of the things that make their heart happy!











Welcome! My name is Mandyy Thomas and I am an online personal finance coach and speaker. I help individuals and couples to feel confident with how they are managing their everyday finances and to end the anxiety they feel around money so they can spend more time doing the things they love.

Growing up, our family didn’t have a lot financially so I studied everything I could about money. It was when a mentor of mine helped me become aware of my habits and learn exactly where all of my money was going, that I was able to make massive financial progress.

I went to school and became a third-class power engineer and I worked in that field for four years. But I kept seeing a common struggle among most people that I knew, they were struggling with getting ahead financially.

My life changed when I really got my finances together more than just “writing down my expenses” and “budgeting.” That is when I realized the skills and expertise I had needed to be shared to help others finally break through the challenges that were holding them back so they could make true financial progress forward.

I positioned myself so I could to leave my six-figure career and start the business of my dreams, coaching people with a desire to overcome financial challenges who don’t want to settle for it.

I craved for more people to experience the sense of freedom and fulfillment I experienced when I learned how to effectively manage my finances over the long term. I wanted them to not feel so anxious about their finances and to have an action plan of how to make their future, become their reality while feeling confident financially.

My job is to teach you those-ever-so important money skills you never learned in school and to empower you to take back control. I keep you accountable to your goals so you can do more of the things you love most in your life and take your dreams and turn them into your reality.

Some of my favorite things: animals (especially horses & my Rottweiler Letty), all things self-development, government/CIA movies, hiking and of course chocolate!

Are you ready to finally feel free, to stop struggling and to up-level your life? Check out how I can help you do that, here!


Have a question about financial coaching? Read the most Frequently Asked Questions about financial coaching.


Improving your finances doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. You will feel much more confident
& less stressed when it comes to managing your everyday finances, after working with me.


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How to Succeed at Budgeting Your Personal Finances to Grow Your Business Faster & With Less Financial Stress – Women Entrepreneurs of Sask, 2018

This was feedback that I recieved from my budgeting workshop, “This was so great, thank you. Mandyy was spot on with the emotional and physical side of financial stress and this was the most practical and realistic budget guide I’ve seen so far. Makes me excited to get into it!” Jade


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