Do you LOVE your business, but cringe when it comes to the financial side?

I'm going to guess this is you...

  •  You're a coach or service provider who doesn't really have a system or structure for your business finances
  •  You feel lost as to how to keep track of everything & stay on top of it all!
  •  You don't really know how, when and how much to pay yourself from your business, to make sure your personal bills are all covered!
  •  You don't know if your business is actually profitable, because you don't have financial clarity
  •  You have a sense of imposter syndrome because of where you are at when you look at your bank account, versus what you make in sales & how other people think you’re doing
  •  If someone was to ask you, what you need to make every single month in order to pay your personal & business expenses, taxes and on top of that be profitable, you really wouldn't know what that number is
  •  You think your life would be easier & more organized if you just had a book keeper

But this is who you really are...

You're a right brain thinker & creativity comes naturally to you

You have hundreds of ideas that you want to bring to life

You are passionate about making a difference in the world

Are you nodding your head right now?!?

You Need Systems & A Strategy 

Introducing My

To Your Rescue

The Business Cash Flow Confidence & Profit Coaching is a one-on-one coaching program for coaches and online service-based entrepreneurs with big dreams to change many people's lives. You just don't have the knowledge and systems in place, to organize and manage the financial side of your business, confidently & with ease.

My one-on-one coaching walks you through every aspect of your business finances that you can think of plus I cover the things you wouldn't even have thought of, but need to know! I provide you with systems that you can start using immediately in your business, that will get rid of your overwhelm and replace it clarity, confidence and structure that you've been craving, to finally make the money side of your business, easy!


Meet Your New Financial Coach

  • I'm Mandyy Thomas & I'm an Online Financial Coach
    & Cash Flow Management Strategist

Hey! I'm Mandyy, an online financial coach & cash flow management strategist that transforms how coaches & service-based entrepreneurs manage their personal & business finances.

I’m your left-brain thinker, your analyzer & your #spreadsheetqueen. 

I know you began your business not to think about the financials and balancing income and expenses. You started your business because you love what you do and you wanted to share your expertise and zone of genius with other people!  

So, it totally makes sense that the money side of your business doesn’t come easy to you, actually it completely stresses you out!  

No one handed you a manual & taught you how to keep everything organized, how to stay on top of your finances and how to avoid ripping out your hair and biting your nails when figuring out your business finances, but that’s all going to change!  

Because this is MY zone of genius.  

I help entrepreneurs just like you, simplify your business finances so you can confidently run a profitable business.

By age 26 I already saved $250,000+

Business Coaching Finances Testimonial


Angie Lee's Financial Coaching Testimonial

You can make 5 figure months and even 6 or 7 figures in a year and still have cash flow problems, I see it on a daily basis!

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you CAN'T outearn bad cash flow management, it will eventually catch up with you!


  • You have an established business with leads and clients coming in
  • You want to feel as confident with your business finances as you do, the services that you provide your clients!
  • You want to know how to manage your cash flow
  • You want to get paid PERSONALLY from your business, on a consistent basis!
  • You know you are allowing money to slip through the cracks because you don't have systems & a structure in place
  • You know there is a solution out there that is much better than how you've been managing your business finances
  • You're ready for your business finances to be easy!

This is my highest level 1:1 coaching program for coaches. 

You are best suited for this program if you are making 6 figures in your business.

****If you aren't on track for making 6 figures in your business, but you still want to get your business finances together, reach out to me as I have other ways we can work together than this program.****


  •  A system & structure for your business finances 
  •  How to separate your personal & business finances
  •  Easy methods for tracking income and expenses 
  •  Cash flow management analysis
  •  The ability to actually pay yourself a salary personally!
  •  Make tax season a breeze for next year! 
  •  My one on one help to implement these changes so you can give up the overwhelm & stress you’ve been feeling  
  •  Finally have a profitable business

Imagine if ...

You felt prepared & empowered about taxes and not feared of them?

You had hours back in your business to focus on your Zone of Genius?

You knew exactly where you stood financially at all times?

You felt as confident in the managing of your finances as you do the services you provide? 

You could scale and increase profitability in your business faster because you have your finances together?

Prepare yourself because you're about to transform into a confident money manager!


Here's How the System Works:

  • Getting massive clarity with both your personal and business finances. 
  • It can feel difficult to get a handle on your personal and business finances when everything fluctuates so much from month. We address this head on and we start with your personal finances in order to know exactly what you need to be paying yourself each month. 
  • Then we move onto getting clarity with your business finances!
  • By doing a deep dive into these two, we are able to get a really clear understanding of where you truly are right now, so we can build you a custom made plan for managing your finances going forward!

  • Now you will start learning how to manage your business income when it comes in, where it goes and when! 
  • An important part of your business finances, is really being organized with your leads and potential clients, aka the money coming into your business! 
  • You will be utilizing systems to track your leads coming in and to be able to evaluate your marketing ROI, so you know what is working and what isn’t! 
  • We will also reverse engineer your income goals, so you know exactly what your targets are you need to hit, and you won’t feel overwhelmed from not knowing!  

  • You will be putting everything together that you’ve learned so far and start to really feel confident how you are managing your personal & business finances cash flow. 
  • You will become very intentional with your finances and feel very proud of the work you are doing!
  • We'll have you getting paid personally from your biz! (Can I get an amen?!?)

  • It drives me a little crazy when I see coaching programs that are so short, that there is no time to really implement and have support when you are actually doing the work and making changes. 
  • That is why this stage is all about continued implementation, accountability and support. 
  • This also allows you the time you need to really develop those healthy financial habits and to have me with you every step of the way!
  • Optimization & tweaking your system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between what you do and what an accountant and bookkeeper do? If I already have an accountant or a bookkeeper, would this program benefit me? 

Great question! An accountant helps you with figuring out how much to set aside for taxes and then at the end of the year they file your taxes on your behalf.  

A bookkeeper is recording the transactions of what have already happened.  

I help you be proactive with your finances and I help you by starters with getting clarity with your business and your personal finances. No one else helps you to get a handle on your personal finances first, which is so important to be able to manage your business finances well. Then I help you with the cash flow management, which your accountant and a bookkeeper don’t help you with. When money comes in, I help you make sure you know what to do with that money when it comes in. We also work together to break down how to hit your revenue goals and I have systems in place that make it so easy for you to see at all times, how close you are to them.  

Accountants and bookkeepers play important roles, but they don’t cover all of the aspects of your business finances. You can be working with both and still feel very confused and not feel like you are getting ahead like you want to be, which is where I come in and this program will be the absolute game changer for you!  

Do I really need coaching for my cash flow management? Can't I just figure it out on my own or have my accountant or bookkeeper help me?

Did you know that 82% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems?!? Let that statistic sink in for a moment.

  • If you knew how to do it, you’d already have done it and you would see major success in your finances, but if you are reading this, you likely don't have the results that you want.
  • You can piece together information from blogs, videos and books, but you won’t get the highest quality of information and strategies until you’re willing to invest in yourself. When you take in free or low cost information, you still have to learn how to tweak everything for YOUR specific financial situation, it’s not custom made for you. But when you work with me for financial coaching and cash flow management, the plan IS custom made for you. That’s when the real change happens. 
  • If you have a big goal, you have to take an equally big risk. 
  • If you have trouble following through with what you already know (such as information you have read on a blog, seen on a video or read in a book), then what you need is someone who is going to hold you accountable and support you in making these changes, which you are currently struggling with.
  • Accountants and bookkeepers are great and they have certain roles they plan in your business finances, but cash flow management is not what they specialize in! 

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