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Mandyy Thomas Financial Money Coach

Welcome! My name is Mandyy Thomas and I am the CEO of Intentionally Wealthy Coaching Ltd a financial coaching company,  podcast host of Intentionally Wealthy, financial coach, bookkeeper and speaker. I help individuals and couples to feel confident with how they are managing their everyday finances and to end the stress they feel around money so they can spend more time doing the things they love.

Growing up our family didn’t have a lot financially so I studied everything I could about money. It was when a mentor of mine helped me become aware of my habits and learn exactly where all of my money was going, that I was able to make massive financial progress.

I went to school and became a third-class power engineer and I worked in that field for four years. But I kept seeing a common struggle among most people that I knew, they were struggling with getting ahead financially.

My life changed when I really got my finances together more than just “writing down my expenses,” but shifted to cash flow management. That is when I realized the skills and expertise I had needed to be shared to help others finally break through the challenges that were holding them back so they could make true financial progress forward.

I positioned myself so I could leave my six-figure career and start the business of my dreams, coaching people with a desire to overcome financial challenges who don’t want to settle for it.

I craved for more people to experience the sense of freedom and fulfillment I experienced when I learned how to effectively manage my finances over the long term. I wanted them to not feel so anxious about their finances and to have an action plan of how to make their future, become their reality while feeling confident financially.

My job is to teach you those-ever-so important money skills you never learned in school and to empower you to take back control. I keep you accountable to your goals so you can do more of the things you love most in your life and take your dreams and turn them into your reality.

By age 26 I had saved a quarter of a million dollars+, I’ve read over 70+ personal finance books and been interviewed on 50+ podcasts.

Some of my favorite things: animals (especially horses & my Rottweiler Letty), all things self-development, government/CIA movies, hiking and of course chocolate!

Are you ready to finally feel free, to stop struggling and to up-level your life? Check out how I can help you do that, here!


Have a question about financial coaching? Read the most Frequently Asked Questions about financial coaching.


  • Coached over 300+ clients
  • Bookkeeping Certificate
  • My average client pays off $28,613 in debt
  • Helped clients to pay off millions of dollars of debt & build their savings
  • Debt Free
  • Multiple Six-Figure Investment Portfolio
  • Financial Coach Academy Graduate
  • Tapping into Wealth Certified Coach
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom) Techniques Practitioner
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Life and Success Coach
  • Third Class Power Engineer
  • Meditation Teacher Certified
  • Holistic Nutrition Diploma

In my coaching, I share the strategies that helped me to:

  • By age 24, I had a positive six-figure net worth
  • Save a quarter of a million dollars+ by age 26
  • To save 20% for a deposit on purchasing a home
  • Improve my sleeping because I wasn’t laying in bed worrying every single night anymore
  • Overcome my extreme exhaustion because I improved my biggest stressor, my finances
  • Reduce my anxiety around money & I no longer felt scarce every single day
  • Graduate post-secondary 2x debt free and pay 2/3 of my brand new SUV in cash

Improving your finances doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. You will feel much more confident
& less stressed when it comes to managing your everyday finances, after working with me.

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Available for media & press, please contact mandyy@mandyythomas.com for speaking and brand partnership.

Interested in having me speak to your audience?

Contact me about speaking to your audience for a workshop, at an upcoming event or for a lunch and learn on one of my five current signature topics:

  • Cash Flow Management for Happiness, Success & Personal Transformation
  • Cash Flow Management for Entrepreneurial Success Financially & Mentally
  • Cash Flow Management for Weight Loss and a Healthy Body Physically, Mentally & Financially
  • Increasing Your Credit Score to Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars
  • Teens Making Money Moves
  • Sharing My Story About My Mental Health Journey Due to Financial Stress


Speeches I Have Presented:

  • Life School by the Style Academy, Keynote Speaker for Financial Literacy Panel, Regina, SK, 2020
  • RaiseHER Community Online Anxiety Panel, 2020
  • Women & Wealth, Introduction to Investing, Regina, SK, 2020
  • Finances as an Entrepreneurship & Your Money Mindset – BeachBody Super Sunday, Regina, SK, 2020
  • Money Management to Help You Become Financially Fit – Regina Women’s Network, Regina, SK, 2019
  • Budgeting for Weight Loss and a Healthy Body Physically, Mentally & Financially – Fidelity Fitness, Regina, SK, 2019
  • Cashflow Management for Happiness, Success & Personal Transformation – Stapleford Health, Regina, SK, 2019
  • How to Succeed at Budgeting Your Personal Finances to Grow Your Business Faster & With Less Financial Stress – Square One, Regina, SK, 2018
  • How to Succeed at Budgeting Your Personal Finances to Grow Your Business Faster & With Less Financial Stress – Women Entrepreneurs of Sask, 2018

This is feedback that I’ve received from some of my workshops and speeches:

“Mandyy Thomas speaks from a place of combined heart, intelligence and experience. Throughout her presentation it was clear that she is passionate about working with people who need help. Mandyy has a dual purpose/mission, she wants to help with creating systems to manage money and alleviate the emotional toil that can often accompany finances. During her presentation Mandyy shared a personal story that was both heart wrenching and triumphant. She speaks enthusiastically about all the wonderful ways to live in which you control your finances and make your money work for you. I very much enjoyed listening to and learning from her presentation.” ~ Patricia Holdsworth

“Thank you Mandyy, for your informative and very interesting talk that you gave our group on money management and financial wellness. This was unlike any financial presentations I have listened in on. You tied in the connection between our health: physical and emotional, to how we deal (or don’t deal ) with our money. Your approach is very different from other financial experts; it was exciting, informative and so easy to listen to! I highly recommend Mandyy to any one who is looking to enhance their clarity with their business and personal finances. If you need a financial system or structure set up for your business or personal life, you need to talk to Mandyy!” ~ Rachelle Roberts

“Mandyy offers a whole new way to look at money. She teaches that a person’s financial situation is a symptom for deeper beliefs about their self worth. She encourages you to dig deep into the pockets of your belief systems where you can recognize and reporgram what’s really going on which ultimately helps you find your way to financial health. She comes fully prepared to impart her wisdom to both young and old.” Marny Duncan-Cary, Cary’s Trenching and Trucking Ltd

“Mandyy is a true gem and someone you want in your corner when it comes to mindful money. She speaks from the heart and really opens up vulnerably and honestly about her own childhood struggles with money, which makes her so relatable and likeable instantly! She shares actual tangible, practical tips that you can implement ASAP, which I LOVED. She really pours herself into the info she provides and it was the perfect mix of financial education, personal stories and takeaway action tips for improved financial wellbeing. HIRE THIS LADY. She rocks!” ~ Marie Barker, Marie Barker Wellness

“This was so great, thank you. Mandyy was spot on with the emotional and physical side of financial stress and this was the most practical and realistic budget guide I’ve seen so far. Makes me excited to get into it!” ~ Jade

“We had the pleasure of having Mandyy speak at our quarterly event and share her knowledge on financial success as an entrepreneur! As an entrepreneur it is tough to learn everything on your own when it comes to finances and to get passed the limiting beliefs. Mandyy taught us how to mange our money, to get rid of the scarcity mindset when it comes to earning an income (which was my favourite part), tracking our expenses and our income and to know that everyone’s business will look a little different. I took a lot away from her speech and will be implementing the tasks that she taught us to do! Not only was Mandyy extremely knowledgeable, she was confident, kind and generous with coming out to speak! I look forward to working with her in the future!” ~ Carly Lyons

Mandy came to one of our team meet ups to talk to us about finances!  I was not prepared for what she was about to tell us or in the way she did! I am the type of person who hates finances. Stresses over money and I would rather close my eyes and pray that everything works out! So needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to this finance talk at All!  About 2 minutes in… she had my full attention and I was actually excited to dive into my finances! When I got home… and told my husband about the money dates she had mentioned and shared other info with him, he could not believe I was so excited about finances. He says to me ‘I have never heard or seen you so excited to talk about money!’ Mandy explains finances and educates you in a down to earth, relating way that makes you want to learn more and make sense of it all! I throughly enjoyed her talk and lessons to us and can’t wait to learn more from her!” ~ Breanne Koyle

“Thank you for the great evening at the Women & Wealth event! Mandyy is such a great motivational speaker. Very informative and I would love to see my University student daughters work with you!” ~ Lennie Gavelin

“Mandyy gives practical ways for everyone at any level of experience to make an impact with their finances.  She gets her audience excited about how creating a budget could help reduce stress and improve wellbeing.”  ~ Kiley Bourns, Stapleford Health


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