Pay Off Your Credit Cards Course

This course walks you through step by step, how to pay off your credit cards








My name is Mandyy Thomas and I am the creator of Pay Off Your Credit Cards course.

I am an online financial coach (certified financial education instructor), who used to have extreme stress & anxiety around money.

I grew up in a family who didn’t have a lot of money and because of that, it caused a ton of anxiety and scarcity thoughts around money growing up.

I didn’t grow up learning about money or how to have healthy money habits, we never took a family vacation growing up and I began supporting myself financially from the age of 11.

I learned how to manage my money really well ever since I was a child and have spent my life studying money, financial freedom and increasing my financial literacy.

Through my own health journey, I have come to realize just how much the stress from your finances affects your mental & physical health directly. That is why I do what I do, to educate you about how the stress from your finances is truly affecting every single aspect of your life.

It is incredible how your mental and physical health can significantly improve when you attend to the state of your finances.

Once I worked on my relationship with money and took back the control in my life that I was allowing my finances to have over me, then my health started to improve significantly.

I was able to overcome my anxiety which also led to binge eating, that was due to the stress of my finances.

I now live my life feeling energized, calm, in control & understanding of money. I have received a second chance due to finally having my health back.

I am able to do more of the things that I love most and I can finally travel, which is something that I was never able to do growing up.

I am very excited to be sharing my knowledge & skills with you, so you can get your finances organized, learn lifelong money management skills and get your credit cards paid off!

This will help you to be able to overcome health issues, improve your relationships, have more energy & be able to do more of the things that you want to do in your life!

I don’t want to see your finances holding your health & happiness back anymore, I want you to feel calm, relaxed & enjoy your life again.



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Your Vision & Dreams, Getting Your Finances Organized. Mapping out your vision of where you want to be, so you can reverse engineer it. How to get your finances organized in a loving way.

Setting Up Your Tracking & Systems. How to easily track your spending in a non-overwhelming way! Why you’ve failed at budgeting in the past and how to actually stick to a budget now!

Fine-Tuning Your Spending. Increasing your awareness of your spending habits. Overview of your finances (where you are actually at each month with income and expenses). Diving in deep to all of the places where you have “money leaks” and can be saving money every month!

Protecting Your Credit. How to make sure you are taking precautionary steps to protect your credit from fraud and how to become more aware of this!

Increasing Your Income. How you can increase your income right now & in the future.

Lasting Success. Your action plan going forward that will guide you to continue to succeed with your finances even after your credit cards are paid off.








Who is this course for? This online course is for women who are ready to finally end their struggle with credit card debt, who are ready to learn how to organize their everyday finances (this is not a course on investing), learn how to finally be able to stick to a budget and get ahead so they are not struggling every single month. This course is for women who are ready to take action to completely change their finances so three months, six months and one year from now, they are in a much improved financial situation that is not causing them so much stress. This course is for women who are ready to have so much less stress in their lives and to finally feel like they are getting ahead with their debt repayment and that they are the one in the driver’s seat.

How do I take the course? The course is held entirely online. Once you sign up, you have immediate access to the modules as soon as the program starts. You can take the program at your own pace, so if you don’t have the time to implement everything right now, you absolutely can do it at a later date. There is no timeframe for when you have to complete the course by!

What if I enroll in the course and I don’t like it? I take pride in the work that I put out and I truly believe that if you follow the steps that I teach in this course, you will see huge shifts in your finances like I have and my personal one on one financial coaching clients have. I have poured my heart, soul and knowledge into creating this course for you so you can finally get ahead with your finances. If this course absolutely is not for you after the first two modules, then you can e-mail me with your completed homework showing that you did indeed give a very good effort to try and implement what I teach in this course.

Can you guarantee that I achieve specific outcomes? I truly believe that if you follow the information that I share with you in this course, that you will be able to see massive changes in your finances when you put the work in. I can only provide the information and the actions for you to take, the implementation aspect and putting in the work, is up to you. Those who have shared their testimonials on my website have put in the work and therefore, they have achieved great success because of it. From doing the work in this course, I have been able to leave a 6 figure income to go back to school, purchase a home with 20% down among other achievements I would never have been able to accomplish unless I put this work in.

Are there payment plans available? Yes! At the bottom of this page, you can see my very affordable payment plans.

Still have a question? Feel free to e-mail me at







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*I promise to keep your e-mail safe.