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I get asked all the time about my favorite products, programs, courses and resources so I have shared them below in different categories!

This website does have affiliate links listed, which means that I may receive a small percentage if you purchase through these links (at no extra cost to you). I only share products that I love and use or have used myself personally and highly recommend. Thank you for your support! All the information on my website is presented for general health, life and financial wellness and may not be suitable for your particular circumstances.

Business Resources:

My Favorite Business Related Courses & Programs:

I have spent over well over $70,000+ alone on personal & business development and I am sharing with you, the ones that have been the most helpful to me, that I really really love & recommend!

Increasing Your Income as a Health, Wellness & Life Coach – Niche Training for Health & Life Coaches

One of the most common struggles for health, wellness and life coaches, is that they try to help everyone, which in theory sounds great. But in trying to serve and help change everyone in the world, what happens is that you end up speaking to no one because you aren’t specific. When you aren’t specific, potential clients don’t feel like you understand their specific situation, their specific pain points and what they really want. I’ve seen too many amazing coaches who were afraid to “niche down,” struggle to get clients and therefore, make no income and not be able to help anyone. I want to tell you that the riches are in the niches, say this over and over again to yourself! I loved the Niche Training for Health & Life Coaches, I have personally taken it and it is what helped me craft my “I help [insert WHO you are here to help change their life]” statement, which is where the gold is at. A potential client needs to see very quickly, who it is that you help. If it takes them longer than 30 seconds to figure that out, they are going to go to someone else, who has more clarity. Not only do you figure out who you are here to serve, she walks you through how to make that clear to your audience and how to draw your dream clients in, the people you work with who you want to duplicate and work with more people like them! Angie Lee does a fabulous job in this course, walking you through figuring out WHO it is that you serve, so you can be clear and finally attract those clients in and make the money that you deserve to be making!

Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Your Results & Client Results Faster

I took an NLP certification course in person and it was by far the best training I have ever done! I came out certified in 5 techniques: NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), clinical hypnotherapy (I have personally been using hypnosis in my life for 4+ years now and I am a huge fan of it), TIME techniques, EFT (tapping) and success and life coaching. The skills that I gained were so incredible, for myself and to use with my clients to overcome their mindset blocks, hurdles and obstacles faster so they can achieve their goals even quicker. I came out learning so many practical techniques I could use with my clients whether in person or online. Some of the things I learned how to address were: overcoming limiting beliefs, overcome mindset struggles, challenge my clients more while being empathetic, how to help my clients have their own breakthroughs and overcome really what’s holding them behind, on the deepest level.

I absolutely LOVED my training. There was pre-training to do at home and then you finished in person. You can choose to do it in person or at home, but I am grateful I chose to do it in person because you get direct feedback in the moment from the instructors as you are doing the different techniques as well as you are actually working on a person, so you are receiving feedback from them as well. If you are wanting to improve your mindset more than you ever have before and learn techniques to improve your effectiveness of working with clients, I highly recommend taking an NLP program!

Increasing Your Income – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I couldn’t wait to dive into Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing when I purchased it. The creator of this course, Michelle, is a serious money blogger who now brings in 6 figures a month from her blog! No that is not a mistake, she legit makes over 6 figures every month due to her blog! And so much of this is from affiliate marketing! She went through everything you could think of that you would need to know for affiliate marketing and then a 1000x more that you would never have thought of. She really gives you the step by step process of how to make the most money from sharing products & services that you are already loving and share with others, now you can just get paid to do so! This course is so affordable and you will make your money back very quickly, which means that you can see a high ROI from this course! Learning from someone who is an absolute master at affiliate marketing is such a blessing. I am so happy Michelle created the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course!

Legal Side of Your Business [Contracts, Privacy Policy, etc]

I know it can be overwhelming when it comes to the legal side of your business and often, many people resist it because it seems too complicated. I want you to know that it may seem this way, but it is SO important that you treat your business like a real business and you have legal documents that protect you! This goes for client contracts, your website, any programs, courses or products that you sell (including anything digitally). Not having these important pieces in place can cost you so much more than it costs to get these created! I want to recommend someone I have personally worked with who was fantastic! She made the whole process really great to go through and she was fantastic dealing with helping me in my business! You don’t want to leave yourself exposed and wish you had taken the time to do this before! If you are a health, wellness, life, business coach, etc, you need to check Christy Westerfeld out! She will help you figure out exactly what you do need and how to take precautions to protect yourself and your business!

Business Systems & Tools:

So I am sharing with you what I recommend for systems to use for your business! I definitely learned the hard way for some parts of my business and spend WAYYY more money on certain things because I just simply didn’t know any better, so I am sharing with you what I recommend and so you can save the money that I didn’t when I was starting out!

Appointment Scheduling & On-Boarding – Acuity

Acuity is a fantastic scheduling system that will honestly save you hundreds of hours! Instead of going back and forth with what days you are available and then a client/potential client/someone new you are meeting checking their schedule and then getting double booked in the meantime, Acuity syncs automatically with your Google Calendar to seamlessly schedule your appointments.

The paid version is 110% worth it because of the added features of automation that will save you so many hours. I use it for my onboarding system as well as you can have an e-mail automatically go out once a client has booked in and in that e-mail you can attach all documents that you need a client to sign and you don’t have to physically stop during your day to send that information, which actually takes a lot of time! It will also send out reminder e-mails which are great for your clients and at the bottom of their confirmation e-mail, they can add their appointment right into their Google Calendar. Acuity has not only saved me time, but also money. I don’t have to hire someone to manage my schedule. Acuity literally pays for itself every single month!

If you decide to use Acuity to schedule your clients in and you use my affiliate link above, send me a message ( and I will send you for free, a video of me walking you through how to get Acuity set up behind the scenes, to save you tons of hours!!

Social Media Scheduling/Automation – Planoly

Planoly is an amazing platform that is partnered with Instagram, that allows you to automatically schedule your Instagram posts. This saves you tons of time, energy and helps you to remain consistent when running a business while also being time efficient. Planoly helps you to provide the most value for your audience while running a productive business that can become more profitable. You must check out Planoly for helping make marketing your services easy and simple!

Creating Nutrition & Meal Plans – That Clean Life

That Clean Life is a really neat company that you can use to create client meal plans. I know personally just how long this takes when I was doing this studying my diploma in holistic nutrition. You can spend ten+ hours creating a meal plan that works for a client’s specific diet requirements, their goals, their health, food sensitivities and likes and dislikes. It can cost you more money to create the meal plan than you are actually receiving (I’ve seen this happen time and time again). That Clean Life saves you hundreds of hours in creating meal plans by having done for you systems. The amazing part is that they have so many different types that will work perfectly for your clients, ex: sugar-free, keto, candida diet, low-glycemic, thyroid health, leaky gut, PCOS, elimination, vegan, anti-inflammatory, etc. This is a service that will literally pay for itself. For health and nutrition coaches, this is your secret weapon that will save you time, energy and you can actually increase your income because you can take on more clients and you can offer more custom meal plans!

Blog & Website Growth – Tailwind

If you have a blog, girl you need to be using Pinterest to get more eyes on your blog posts! But I am also all about time efficiency and spending hours upon hours on Pinterest just doesn’t fit into my schedule! That’s where Tailwind comes in and you set it up to work for you! It does the work of promoting your Pinterest and your blog posts and is the system to accelerate your blog growth on auto-pilot once you have it set up. It is also extremely affordable and is a huge time saver while growing your business while you sleep.

Audible – Books on Audio:

I am a huge fan of reading because it is one of the best ways to access knowledge from incredible people, in such an affordable way. About five years ago I started to listen to books on audio and what a game changer that was for me! I was able to take in so many more books (I turned my vehicle into a mobile University basically!) and I was able to get more out of books by hearing the words and the emotions from the words. I am the type of person that reads out loud when I study, so audiobooks are so helpful for me because it fits perfectly for my learning style. I also love that I can get through books so much faster and even listen to them multiple times to get the most out of them. With Audible you get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial, it really is a win-win! Many people say they don’t have time to read, but there are so many opportunities throughout your day that you can throw an audio book on and increase your knowledge, but not actually have to sit down! Think getting ready in the morning or evening, driving, cooking, doing laundry, you name it, there are so many times that you can work smart and “make time of your time” as I like to call it!

Four Sigmatics:

I am a big fan of Four Sigmatics and I drink it every day! I am also certified in holistic nutrition and when I was studying nutrition for a year, I learned all about how incredible mushrooms powders (reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion’s mane to name a couple) are for your health. I also learned about adaptogens such as Rhodiola and Schisandra and I used them when I was on my brain and gut health protocol when I was overcoming my adrenal fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and gut issues. I love Four Sigmatics because they combine many superfoods that support our health and at the same time taste great! I love being able to drink a hot chocolate in the morning and evenings and not have it filled with tablespoons of sugar, instead I get my chocolate fix AND my intake of mushrooms powders like reishi and cordyceps. I drink the “Revive With Cordyceps” in the morning to help give me energy and vitality for the day!  The best part is that all of the drinks taste amazing, you have no idea you are drinking mushroom powders and drinks that are so healthy for you, because they actually taste great! And I’m not just saying that, if it’s gross, I’m not going to drink it!

Click here to use the code “mandyy” to get 10% off of your purchase!

Stress, Anxiety, Immune System, Joint & Pain Support:

Using hemp sourced CBD oil has many benefits to help with the effects of stress and anxiety. CBD is a natural ingredient in hemp that is safe, legal and non-psychoactive that can be very beneficial for the nervous and immune systems in your body. Soul CBD is a product that I use, I take a few drops under my tongue daily and it has been really beneficial for my stress and anxiety, which were huge contributors to my burnout that I experienced years ago. By supporting my body and taking daily measures such as a few drop of CBD oil, to help manage my stress, it has been a huge part of preventing me from falling back into burnout. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I would think of hemp oil CBD as I hadn’t tried anything like that before, but I gave it a try and I really liked it. The specific brand that I use, Soul CBD doesn’t contain THC which was something that was important to me. Now it is a daily ritual for me to take Soul CBD because I know how much it has helped with my stress levels. My personal favorite is the orange flavor!


Saving Money Resources:

Hack Your Expenses Guide

One of the best things you can do to improve your finances is to create a greater “gap.” The “gap” is the difference between your income & expenses. The greater the gap, the more money you have to do the things you want to do and the less stress you have in your life! It helps you with all types of expenses from groceries, credit cards, housing, transportation, clothing, cell phones, etc!

I created the Hack Your Expenses Guide to help walk you through ALL areas of reducing your expenses, this guide will more than pay for itself, in the money that it saves you!! This is a great option if you aren’t ready to invest in my Financial Clarity Session, but you still want to make big improvements to your finances right away!

Meal Planning Service

The planning of what you are going to eat, especially when it comes to supper is one of the toughest parts about saving money on food! That’s why using a service like Your Dinner is Planned, is so helpful! They handle all of the planning and the headaches so you can focus on the cooking and spending time with your family. It is a membership site that has daily recipe plans, weekly grocery lists and nutritional education. What I really love about this is how much the creator Jasmine has simplified it to make it as easy as possible for you to save money on groceries and eating out AND to be eating healthier meals! A real win-win!

What you get from Your Dinner is Planned:

  • Weekly menu with 5 brand new recipes each week, which makes it so you can feed your family healthy meals but not have the burden of planning them! (which is what most of my financial coaching clients and community say they struggle with)
  • Grocery shopping made efficient and effortless! Your weekly grocery checklists include everything needed for your entire week of dinners!
  • Simple & healthy recipes that provide endless variety, so even the pickiest of eaters will be satisfied & happy!

The cost of the membership very quickly pays for itself in what it saves you in wasted groceries and in eating out costs!

My Favorite Travel Resources

Air BnB Link to save money on your first time booking!