40 Side Hustles to Increase Your Income

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40 Side Hustles to Increase Your Income


Side hustles to increase income

I am a HUGE fan of side hustles! It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your income. Here’s different ideas of what you could do as a side hustle!

The most important thing is not to stay stuck in “research” mode forever, but to pick something and try it! I’ve also included links to my favorite courses that teach you how to be successful with that side hustle, in case you’re not sure how you would start it. Then take a course that will help you to learn the skills faster and get paying clients much quicker!


Sell Your Stuff in Facebook Groups, Poshmark, Varage Sale, etc, – here’s a post about me doing this and making over $15k doing so!

Flip Furniture – My girlfriend does this and she gets a lot of free stuff off of Facebook Marketplace and other free sites like Craigslist and Kijiji and then turns around and sells it for a profit! She makes anywhere from $200-$1000/month and she loves it!

Virtual Assistant – this is my favorite one to recommend for women because of the flexibility that it has to offer! I recommend this one so often, I’ve written a post on it here!

Virtual Assistant work is the most common side hustle I recommend to my financial coaching clients, because of the flexibility, ease of monetizing skills you already have and because I have 3 VA’s in my own financial coaching business.

Here’s a Virtual Assistant specific course, created by a virtual assistant herself that built her business to $10k+ months. I recommend this course to my clients to help them save a ton of time, help them to feel prepared to launch their VA side hustle and get money coming in from VA work much faster!

Social Media Management – This is quite similar to virtual assistant work. You can run social media accounts for local or online businesses. Entrepreneurs are busy and they want help running the tedious parts of their business! One of my friends taught herself everything and reached out to local businesses and started running social media accounts for local businesses. She did this as her side hustle and was making over $2000/month doing so!

Bookkeeping – this is actually one of my favorite ones for women because it’s recurring income. Once you get a client, you have very little marketing to do and it’s fairly easy to keep that client (obviously you have to do good work.). You don’t need to be an accountant or trained bookkeeper, you can take a course to learn how to do this (and it’s much cheaper than going back to school and gives you a greater ROI). Check out the link below for a great course that I recommend that will help you to build the skills as a bookkeeper, to start bringing in monthly *recurring* income! (recurring income is the best kind of income!).

I think bookkeeping is such a great income source that I’m actually working on adding it to as another income source for myself!


Podcast Producer – You can teach yourself the skills, or take a program to learn how to edit, upload and manage podcasts. (I’m sharing this one because I do actually pay someone to do this for me!)

Online Business Manager – Helping entrepreneurs to run their businesses, to manage the “back end,” launches, etc.

Teaching English as a Second Language – My own financial coaching clients have done this and earned an extra $1000/month on top of their 9-5 income

Airbnb A Room

Tutor students in something you’re great at

Teaching Fitness Classes

Start a Blog – You can start a blog and make money from affiliate income, sponsored posts, coaching & consulting, etc. This is more of a longer-term strategy, versus something you can monetize right away.

Pet Sitting – This was actually the first business I started when I was 11 years old. I did this for quite a few years and it was a fantastic side hustle. If you don’t have the ability to start a pet sitting business, you can always walk dogs too! I live out in the country now, but if I lived in the city I would totally have a side hustle walking dogs! You can get started with Rover!

Meal Prep Cooking Classes – I had a little side hustle showing other women how to make healthy & tasty meals. It was quite fun and something that started just by word of mouth!

Meal Prepping – You can also meal prep meals for other people. I’m very busy and there have been times where I had other people prep my meals and it was a huge help! It’s something I’m going to work towards having some do for all of our supper meals for us!

Growing Microgreens & selling them (to restaurants, at farmers markets or to people privately). Microgreens are super nutritious and there’s actually a great market for them in restaurants but also direct to the public. I love growing my own, but some people would just prefer to buy them from someone else! Here’s a blog post I wrote about me sharing making my own microgreens!

Flipping Furniture (I have a friend who is making $300-$800 a month in profit from about 10 hours of work a month and she loves doing this)

Run Facebook Ads for local businesses

Uber or Lyft Driver

InstaCart – I know someone doing this who is making a few hundreds – $1000+/week (once it gets to the higher amount, that’s people who are spending more time doing this)

DoorDash – Customer orders food from a variety of nearby restaurants and you pick it up and deliver

UberEats – One of my friends tested out this side hustle and she said that driving 3 nights a week for 5 hours a night, you can make about $150-$250 a weekend depending on how much gas your vehicle uses. That’s $1000 extra a month to fund your emergency fund, pay off debt. You get paid out every single day.

Selling Stock Photos – Love photography? You can look at different sites online that purchase stock photography and sell your photos to them.

Photography – Love taking pictures, this is a side hustle you can start by talking about it on your personal Facebook page, creating an Instagram account , starting by word of mouth and growing from there.

Affiliate Income – Be an affiliate for programs you love and make money for referring people to something you would actually recommend. For example: My past financial coaching clients can become an affiliate for my financial coaching programs and earn money from sharing it with their friends. It’s a win-win, because my clients are sharing a resource that they’ve been really happy with, so someone they know can change their entire life and they are being compensated for it. You can do this for different products/services that you love.

Proofreading – Are you great with grammar, spelling and catching mistakes? There are tons of content creators who don’t want to figure these kinds of things out and you can do this for them!

Event/Promo Work – I have done this at different types of events. You can find work on your own, I mostly did it through a modeling & talent agency, but it’s not necessarily always “modeling,” it can just be to hand out promo material to promote a company or event. When I did this, the modeling agency I was through would reach out to me with jobs that came to them and then I would get paid a certain amount when I worked event/promo work. Typically you’re paid hourly or a flat fee. When I did this social media wasn’t as easy to find out about this kind of stuff, it’s much easier now to do this on your own due to social media!

Voiceover Work: Voice123.com and voices.com are two places you can begin your search if you feel you have a great voice and would like to look into this potential side hustle.

Professional Organizer (I know a few women who do this and who have also done it online as well, great for you if you love being organized and it comes second nature to you.

Renting Out Your RV (if you have one) – There are lots of different sites including AirBnB where you can rent out your camper trailer to others. EVen think about just throwing it up on your personal Facebook page, you could find someone there who would like to rent it when you’re not using it.

Renting Designer Purses – If you have designer purses, you can actually rent them out to people! I have a friend who used to have a business helping people do this!

Cleaning Houses – I have a housekeeper who comes weekly and it’s one of my favorite expenses!

House Sitting

Grow a Garden and sell extra vegetables, you can also dop weekly or bi-weekly subscription boxes for recurring income and to make it easier to sell your produce!

Etsy Shop – Are you crafty and would love to sell your creations, check out having your own Etsy store! You can also do digital downloads on here too.

Freelance Writing – Type in paid writing jobs for xyz industry on Google and going from there, you can also check out Freelancewriting.com for jobs. I know a few people who do this and they make between $60-$300 a week depending on how much they can write, including a client of mine who does this as a side hustle.

Mobile Notary

Donating Plasma – I knew someone who did this to earn extra money and she was helping people who needed it the most!

Taking Surveys

www.usertesting.com – Can make around $10 USD per test

Mystery Shopper

Teaching Farm Education – I used to do this one in high school and I taught farm education in schools, I actually had a lot of fun doing it, although it was more sporadic.

There are SO many ways you can make money online nowadays, it’s the easiest it’s ever been. I met a woman at an event I was at who is literally selling pictures of her feet online. Sounds very bizarre and weird right?!? I was very intrigued to say the least! But legit, there are people who will buy photos of your feet (can we say feet fetish much?!?) and she was making enough from this to pay for her accommodations for the event we were at! So she really was making money from it, as weird as it may sound!

What side hustle are you going to look into now? Let me know in the comments below!

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