How I Made Over $15,000, Just by Selling Things I Already Had in My House!

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How I Made Over $15,000, Just by Selling Things I Already Had in My House!

How I made $9000 selling my household items
How I made $9000 selling my household items

A few years back I started selling things I had online. Mostly because I wanted to get rid of stuff and reduce the clutter that I had been accumulating. I also read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which was so good, I just couldn’t put it down. Which to be completely honest, I didn’t think I would finish it. And I don’t not finish books, I just thought that by the sounds of this one, it wasn’t going to be one that I really enjoyed, holy was I ever wrong. I was fascinated by how much the clutter in your life is affecting you in ways you wouldn’t normally think of, including your stress levels, feelings of anxiety, your weight, and so much more. This made me go through and purge even more of my items, which in turn, I made even more money. Over the past couple of years of selling my items in Facebook groups, I have made well over $15,000 (this is the updated amount) and this number is only going to continue as I sell more items.


Here’s how you can make some moolah right away selling your stuff!

Go Through Your House and Purge What You Aren’t Using

Start by going through your house and do a de-clutter of your items. When you feel like your house is cluttered or you have too many things, it makes it so you are actually way more anxious, you are moodier, you feel less in control of your life and you don’t feel as confident, it actually takes a toll on your confidence because you feel more like a hot mess and not like you have your sh*t together.

Go through your items and start listing them for sale in Facebook groups and on Kijiji, CraigsList and other places. You can also take items into consignments shops, remember you won’t get as much money for those items taking them to consignment shops because they can take around 20-60% commission because they are a physical store and have higher expenses, but it is still better than having the clutter, not using those items and them just sitting there.

I have sold over $15,000 of my own items in FB groups and I did a one week challenge with a group of women teaching them how to sell their items and in 7 days, $13,225 was made. 


You Could Be Making Money From So Many Things You’re Not Using

You have literally hundreds of items that you can sell right now, to make you money!

Some of the items you could be selling are:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kids toys
  • Furniture
  • Sports Gear
  • Purses
  • Jewelry
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • The list is endless!

Now that we’ve discusses what kinds of things you can be selling, I want to help you actually get your items sold and to make as much money as you can, by giving you some money mindset advice.

How Your Anxiety is Affected by Your Money

Here is a little secret I want to let you in on, you have to give money a purpose, in order for it to come into your life

If you want to manifest money as we call it, you need to have a reason to want it. You need to have clarity and the more clarity the better. Saying you want to save more or pay off more debt, is very very vague and you need to get clearer than that. Saying you want to pay off bills, that is still very vague. Be very specific. Money is a form of energy, money is just a transfer from one person to another, for something of value, a service, a product, whatever. Money has a flow and it needs to know that there is somewhere for it to go. It needs to have a purpose.

So I want you to write down, this money that you are wanting to come into your life, where do you want it to go? Get super specific.

Do you want $1000 to come into your life that you will put down on credit card debt right away?

Do you want $250 to use to pay your utilities before the 15th of the month?

Do you want to make $1000 to pay for a specific coach or a program? [Want to know my favorite business and self-development courses and programs I have taken? Here is where I share my favorite courses & programs with you so you get the best value for your money!]

Do you want to make $1500 for a trip to Bali for this summer that you are planning?

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Get Super Clear on What You Want to Use The Money For

What is it that you want to put that money towards? You need to get specific, decide where that money is going to go to when it comes in and also how much you want to come in, you need both of those parts because if you just say you want money to put towards your credit card debt or a trip, it still isn’t specific enough.

So, if you find that you are being wishy-washy and not very clear on how much money you want to come into your life, that you want to make, I want you to dig a little deeper to find out what’s truly underneath. Are you not feeling worthy of that money? Do you not believe that it can come into your life? Are you getting too caught up in the how part that you are exhausting yourself and not using that energy to take action?

A really important thing to do here is to make sure to set a goal for what you aim to achieve to have sold. Instead of just saying, I’m going to sell a few items and see what I can make, that is still being wishy-washy, you aren’t putting out into the Universe what you want, you need to declare it. How much do you want to make? Why do you want to make that much? What are you going to use that money from that you receive for selling your items? And when do you want to make that money by?

I set a goal that I wanted to sell a certain dollar amount of my items in a very short period of time. I had a high-level coaching program that I wanted to do, so I set the goal to be able to pay for my coaching, with the items that I sold.

And this is many years after selling items in Facebook groups, so I already had a lot of my items sold, I wasn’t just starting for the first time to purge my house. But because I had so much clarity in what I wanted and that money had a purpose, I was able to pay for my entire coaching program from the items I sold, in just two weeks longer than the original time frame I had set out.

It’s all about clarity and being resourceful. I knew that coaching program would really help me to grow in the ways that I was seeking, so I made it happen. If you want to hire a coach or enroll in a program, if you want to go on a trip, if you want to purchase something really meaningful to you, you can create the money to do so. I know so many people who have sold items to be able to pay for coaching programs and courses that they knew, would help to really change their lives, trips that they wanted to take so badly, but they were super clear on what they wanted, they purged their houses and they made it happen.

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Have you ever sold your items to pay for something? What did you sell and what did you use the money for? I would LOVE to hear!

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