How I Lost 10lbs from Working on My Money Mindset

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How I Overcame Binge Eating from Working on My Money Mindset

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Did you know that there is a strong link between women having a financially scarce mindset and issues with stress eating?


Something that took me a really long time to share and open up about, what that I was living from a financial scarcity mindset for a really long time and it came out in my life as emotional eating/binge eating.

There was a period of time in my life when I didn’t have a positive view of my financial future (even though I was not actually struggling financially) and I was not talking about truly how much my thoughts of financial scarcity were really affecting. I kept worrying that the future would end up with me being in the same position as I was as a child and this terrified me to my absolute core. For much too long I hid my struggles not letting anyone know how I was feeling.

I Would Get Caught Up in My Own Head

When I would get caught up in the stories that I would tell myself, it would make me so incredibly uncomfortable and my feelings of anxiousness would be through the roof. Instead of talking about my feelings and getting them out, I instead tried to shove them down deep inside, by using food to numb my pain. The pain of shame and embarrassment that I felt from this struggle and vicious cycle was almost unbearable. All I saw was a dark tunnel and I didn’t know if I would ever see the light of beating binge free.

It wasn’t until I finally opened up about what I was actually going through and got it off my chest and out of my brain so my brain wasn’t constantly replaying those same horrible thoughts over and over again, that I finally crawled out of this dark hole. It was by allowing myself to feel vulnerable by opening up to a mentor I was working with and really diving into improving my money mindset and thoughts and feelings about abundance, that I was able to enter the light.

Once I started to talk about how I felt because of my childhood and how it made me feel, my feelings of anxiousness dropped right off. I started to see food from a completely different viewpoint again. I was able to have a healthy relationship with food because I was able to see it as a vehicle for nourishment, not a way to try and repress my feelings.

By working on really improving my mindset around abundance and understanding and truly believing that the world that we live in is infinitely abundant, I was able to actually start living again.

How you stress eating is connected to your money situation

I no longer feel like I am trapped inside of my mind with overwhelm and feelings of anxiety. I am able to enjoy the little things, to enjoy my food and to talk about what is bothering me. I am forever grateful that I finally opened up about how my internal thoughts and feelings in regards to money were holding me back in my life.

Working on My Mindset, Changed My Entire Body Composition

When I worked on my feelings of abundance, my body went back on its own, to the weight that is healthy for me and comfortable. I did not diet, I did not restrict myself, I lost the 10lbs that I put on when I was binge eating and my mind and body were finally healthy again. Because I wasn’t consuming so many excess calories, my body was able to shed the weight easily and a lot quicker than I thought without me trying to actually “lose the weight.”

I want to spread the message about the correlation of perceived financial scarcity as well as money problems, to issues related to binge/stress eating and negative relationships with food so more women can find relief to their struggles by addressing their true inner fears relating to money.

I want you to know, there isn’t something wrong with you. If you are currently struggling and living with feelings of shame and anxiety due to how your eating habits are negative due to not talking about your financial issues and how they are affecting your life, please reach out, I want you to know that you are not alone and that it can and does get so much better.


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How I Overcame My Financially Scarce Mindset

The things that I did to improve my feelings of abundance and to develop my money mindset were by reading books on these topics (click here for my top money mindset books for financial scarcity), I said affirmation every day to myself about abundance reminding myself that the Universe is infinitely abundant and that there are trillions of dollars.

I spent a lot of time working on sky-rocketing my feelings of abundance and money mindset to a whole new level and making money truly fun again. I asked myself, my higher version of me, does she feel scarce? Does she have anxiety around money? No, she doesn’t. So I started to act as if. I started to act as if I was already that woman, so I could become that woman.

I started with the books that I mention in my Top Money Mindset Books and then I dove much deeper into truly feeling and believing that I am abundant and that the world we live in is abundant, which was absolutely life-changing.

I want you to know that it is a journey overcoming something like this that you are struggling so deeply with. It is not going to happen overnight and that is completely okay. You didn’t get here overnight so it is okay that it is going to take some time. Be kind to yourself during the process and it will make the transition easier. I found that when I was working through the feelings of being super anxious where I would normally turn to food, that as I was consciously choosing not to turn to food, that it was an uncomfortable feeling because I was resisting it instead of giving in. I used essential oils to help calm my nervous system, to help reduce my feelings of anxiousness as I went through my journey. Personally, I found that lavender, wild orange, bergamot and Douglas fir were the ones that helped me the most to calm down when I was right in the moments of wanting to binge.


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It is important to have tools in place that will help you when you are going through the transitionary period of overcoming your binge or stress eating. For me those tools were my essential oils and having them with me wherever, using meditation and hypnosis to help calm my body to feel safe and secure and to calm my nervous system, helping to reduce my anxiety. I would also go for walks in the evenings to move my body and get out in nature because nature has incredible effects on our body of helping us to feel grounded and connected. I would do this in the evenings because the evenings is when I would struggle more often with binge eating. Each day I would read books that would help develop my mindset to feel more abundant and I would say affirmations so my subconscious mind would believe the new stories and words that I was telling it so would believe them over the scarcity thoughts I had replayed over and over again for so many years.

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Your journey is not going to be perfect and that is because you are human. But I can tell you that it is worth it to keep working at it each and every day so you can experience how I now feel. I want you to keep working on yourself so you can experience what it feels like to be around food and not feel like you have to eat it all. I want you to experience having the choice whether you want to eat something or if you want to pass on it. I want you to experience having your mind and your life back and to be rid of the feelings of embarrassment and shame.


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How I lost 10 lbs and overcame binge eating due to scarcity
How I lost 10 lbs and overcame binge eating due to scarcity

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