From Bio Teacher to Full Time Online Health Coach & Double Franchise Owner

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From Bio Teacher to Full Time Online Health Coach & Double Franchise Owner – Six-Figure Women Series

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Morgan Rieger went from a full time biology teacher to a full time Beachbody Coach and is the founder of Team Limitless, she is a 3x Elite Coach as well as a double franchise owner, a Success Club 10 All Star Legend and she was ranked as the #25 Beachbody coach in the whole organization in 2015.

One of the things that I love about Morgan is how humble and down to earth she is! She is from a small town in Saskatchewan called Melville and she is proof that if you can dream it and have a vision, you can absolutely achieve it!


Tell us about your journey to entrepreneurship.

RANDOM! Haha! I honestly didn’t even know what the word entrepreneurship meant until about 4.5 years ago. I came from a very traditional family where you get good grades, go to university, and get a good job that has a good retirement plan. Now there is NOTHING wrong with that! That is how MOST of our world functioned years ago. SO – I am a “go with the flow” type of person, so I followed that plan and became a Biology and Chemistry teacher.

Tell us more about what you do.

“For me, physical transformation starts with mindset, so when we start working together it’s as much about working your mind as it is your body.”

This is at the TOP of my home page on my website and I feel like it really sums up WHAT I do and what my personal priorities are – and honestly it is why the MAJORITY of people I work with are successful for the long term. My journey started with MYSELF. I had been a fitness lover for 15+ years and had no problems making this part of my everyday life – BUT – I couldn’t figure out WHY that was not enough. I lacked the knowledge when it came to nutrition and fueling my body properly AND most importantly I COMPLETELY lacked the mental transformation.

THIS is the KEY piece that SO many people miss. I wanted to be TRULY happy and healthy from the inside out – so I went on a mission to figure that out for myself…..and I did! And what do you do when you find a restaurant you LOVE, or a clothing item you are obsessed with, or a makeup item you could not live without? You SHARE it. And that is how this business was created. I started to LOVE sharing what I was doing with other people and offering them suggestions on workouts, nutrition, and books and podcasts! AND I started creating online support groups so that people could be surrounded by other positive people.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Sure…I love seeing peoples physical transformation photos…but I ALWAYS ask them to share a typed up response of how they FEEL. Reading THAT is what truly matters to me. I want to HEAR how your feelings about yourself have changed, because that ripple effects into ALL other areas of your life. You are a better spouse, a better parent, a better friend, a better employee….and thus – you ENJOY live more. THAT is success to me. THAT is what I want to help people achieve.


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What is it that you attribute your success to?

Consistency. I know it is a boring and overused word – but it is the ultimate truth.

Starting your own business is like pumping one of those old school wells. You pump and pump and pump and nothing is coming out – THEN – it starts to flow….as long as you keep pumping.

BUT – as soon as you stop….it stops flowing, and you have to start all over again — pumping and pumping without getting anything. This is how I see business. You need to put in A LOT of work behind the scenes every day without results usually. You just have to trust that the water will come….and it will. I didn’t miss a SINGLE day of working my business at 5am for the entire first year! Gosh – I still don’t even really miss a day even if it is just a 15 minute check in! BUT that is the key — I have NEVER stopped pumping so keeping it going to possibly as long as I stay consistent with what I need to do each day.

FAR too many people start and stop pumping SO much that they are constantly losing their momentum and struggle to make progress.

If you have multiple streams of income, would you share with us where your income sources come from?

I am a STRONG believer in having income coming from multiple places. Obviously, this won’t happen right off the start – but it should be a long-term goal. Originally our income only came from our two jobs. Steven worked for his parents and I was a teacher. Then, he quit with his parents to open our franchise so his income came from there, and mine came from teaching and my new online fitness business. A few years into this and I was no longer teaching so our main incomes were coming from the franchise and our online business. Once we felt comfortable, we started learning how to make our money MAKE us money – that is the long-term goal. Neither Steve or I believe in just having your money sit in a bank account. And I owe a lot of our next stage of multiple streams to Steven and his passion for researching and learning this. We still have our franchise and online business – but now we have multiple investments through rental properties and stock investments.

What are you most excited about in your business right now? 

I am most excited right now for the launch of my website and email list. For almost 5 years I grew my entire business on social media, in person, over the phone, ect….and that is great – but I think a lot of people get MISSED. A lot of the videos I make, book or podcasts recommendations I make, Amazon favourites I share, ect — get seen at that initial point of me sharing them but then get missed by people I help in the future. SO – I have created a brand new website at It is a place where I have everything that has helped me so that I can SHARE that with others all the time! I also am obsessed with the people on my email list! It is a more personal place where I can truly share with people what is going on with me and the lessons I am learning, new things I am trying, and just really providing a much value as I can! Oh – two more things haha! My FREE 3 Day Mindset Videos — Uh — LOVE! So much! You can get that on my website. As well, my Free Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist is about to launch as well!


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What piece of advice do you have for a woman who is just beginning in her business or up against obstacles right now and questioning whether they should keep pursuing their dreams or not.

Give yourself grace. MOST entrepreneurs did not go to school to be an entrepreneur – at least I didn’t! I went to school for 5 years and paid thousands of dollars to learn my craft before getting paid a cent. So, when I began my own business….I knew I was giving myself at least 5 years. You need to learn, and fail, and grow. It will be messy and that is okay – it is about failing forward! Try things! See what works and what doesn’t work! But whatever you do – gosh darnit – stick with it! For AT LEAST 5 years! Our franchise has given me such a clear perspective on this. In a typical entrepreneur business, it takes MOST business owners 10+ years to pay off debts, pull positive numbers, and actually start paying themselves a decent wage. So – that has helped me come from an extremely humble place and be very realistic in our world where we want things and expect things to happen instantly.

You can find Morgan at:


Instagram: @morgan_rieger

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