4 Things You Need in Your Health & Wellness Business to Save You Time, Energy & Money

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4 Things You Need in Your Health & Wellness Business to Save You Time, Energy & Money

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If you don’t already know, yes I am a women’s online financial coach, but I also am Certified in Holistic Nutrition and I went to school to study nutrition for a year! I actually began my business focusing on helping clients with their nutrition before I shifted my focus to my ultimate passion, of helping those with their finances! But before that time, I attended many seminars, workshops, networking events and more, that were all nutrition business based. I soaked in SO much information not just about nutrition, but about running a business working with clients on their nutrition, that I just had to share these golden nuggets with you! I also work with many health and fitness coaches on their business finances, to make them easy and a breeze!


When it comes to my business, I am very conscious about setting up systems so I can save time instead of repeating the same tasks over and over when I can set something up to take care of it for me! So here I am sharing some of the ways that I save time, energy & money in my business!

Create Teaching or Tutorial Videos That Save You Time

When it comes to something you are teaching over and over to your clients or customers, consider creating a video of you teaching that content, so you can share it with them. This way, when you are working with them, you are able to get more done because something that is commonly asked, you can send a video over for it and be more productive with your coaching time and you are able to address more of the questions that are specific to the one person you are working with!

Of course you can just create a video and upload it for them, but when it comes to any online course you have created and you are showing a screen share and you want to edit the video a little more than normal, I recommend using Camtasia by Tech Smith to do this.

Some of the things you may want to add are:

A highlight around the cursor so if you are showing something on the screen, it is really easy to follow them.

If you are showing your screen and don’t want certain things to be shown, you can blur those out. [When I created my Pay Off Your Credit Cards course, I created a video that showed the back end of tracking your expenses, budgeting, etc and I loved using Camtasia in order to be able to blur out the sensitive information that I didn’t want to show on the video}. This was a little more advanced than many of the free video editing softwares and that is why I chose Camtasia for my project.

A total bonus of Camtasia that I now use regularly, is recording my screen when I am having tech issues and someone is explaining how to do something, but the advice they are giving is not solving the problem. So I just record my screen of me showing the issue and what it actually looks like from my end and I am able to speak at the same time explaining what it is that I am going through and then I just save and upload the video!


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So it cuts down the time that you are experiencing tech problems and you are able to get the issues resolved faster, saving time, energy and money.

Another reason why I love using Camtasia to record my screen for troubleshooting and tech problems of the “back-end of my business,” is because then I don’t always have to give someone else access to my very important digital information. I don’t have to allow someone into my accounts and systems and I don’t have to send usernames and passwords as often which is a huge bonus! The fewer people that are in your business systems that you really don’t know, the safer it is for you!


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Have a System for Scheduling Your Clients in Automatically

There is nothing worse than scheduling meetings with clients or prospective clients and doing the back and forth method by e-mail. By the time the person has e-mailed you back three days later telling you which time slot fits, you have already had someone else book in or something else come up for that time, which is annoying and exhausting.

Have a system in place that automatically allows your client or potential client to choose from a block of time that you have set as available and they can choose what works best for them. Also, if you have sent your calendar to multiple people during this time, it will automatically update and show them in real time which spots are still available. So if they were looking at a time on Wednesday but didn’t go back in to confirm until Thursday, and someone took the time they wanted, they will just pick a different time in your schedule instead of e-mailing you back.

The scheduling system that I personally use and love is Acuity and you can have clients pay you before they book in, which reduces the chances of no-shows (online or in person) and helps reduce loss of profits.

Acuity is a fantastic scheduling system that will honestly save you hundreds of hours! Acuity syncs automatically with your Google Calendar to seamlessly schedule your appointments. The paid version is 110% worth it because of the added features of automation that will save you so many hours. I use it for my onboarding system as well as you can have an e-mail automatically go out once a client has booked in and in that e-mail you can attach all documents that you need a client to sign and you don’t have to physically stop during your day to send that information, which actually takes a lot of time! It will also send out reminder e-mails which are great for your clients and at the bottom of their confirmation e-mail, they can add their appointment right into their Google Calendar. Acuity has not only saved me time, but also money. I don’t have to hire someone to manage my schedule. Acuity literally pays for itself every single month!

With so many entrepreneurs and businesses being location independent and with more and more people traveling all of the time, I love that Acuity automatically takes care of the time difference. So instead of them seeing the time that I have available in my schedule in my time zone, it automatically converts it to their time zone so they don’t have to do any of that at all! And then when someone books into my calendar, it shows up in my time zone for me, so I know exactly when our appointment is and I don’t have any issues with time changes!

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Have Forms that are Easily Accessible

When it comes to any kind of forms you have in your business that need to be filled out regularly by clients, potential clients, for interviewing people, etc, I love using Google Forms. I create a form once and then I enable it to receive notifications after each person fills it out and it saves me so much time from having to send someone questions to fill out all the time. I just copy the URL for each form and I send that to them. I use this for client intake forms, guest blogger applications, outsourcing interviewing, client check-ins, etc. It’s free to use and most all you need to be able to fill out the form is a Gmail e-mail address!

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Systems for Making Meal Plans Easier

If you are a nutrition coach and you create meal plans for people and you find that you are actually losing money to create meal plans because it takes so long to create them for your client’s specific needs, I highly recommend using That Clean Life. That Clean Life is a healthy meal planning service that creates meal plans for your clients.

This is seriously a gold mine for your health and nutrition business because the cost of a yearly business membership, can save you literally hundreds to thousands of hours in creating custom meal plans for your clients and you can instead use that time to work with more clients or create more meal plans, moving your bottom line to be more profitable and less exhausted from the hours spent creating custom meal plans!

This is amazing because you can also include your own recipes in here as well, it is printer friendly for your clients and you can brand it to your business! It is so great because you can give your client delicious meals and there are hundreds that you can swap out for the clients with very specific needs and who are picky too!

There are literally 50+ different types of programs/diets you can choose from, making it super versatile for any type of nutrition clients you have! Just a few of the 50+ include sugar-free women’s hormone balancing, leaky gut, PCOS, thyroid health, keto, AIP, elimination, anti-candida, vegan, anti-inflammatory, paleo, heart health, kid-friendly etc!

Another reason why I recommend That Clean Life over and over again is that the meals are also variable, so if you have 1 or 4 people, you are able to automatically adjust it so the recipes match the number of people that will be eating it! Also, after you have created the meal plan for your clients, the grocery list for the items and the amount of the items needed is automatically created. Your clients will LOVE you for this because you are also saving them money on grocery and time from guessing how much they will need to create their meals!

I cannot recommend That Clean Life enough and if you aren’t already using it for your nutrition business, you are going to want to start using it today!

I hope you enjoyed these 4 recommendations so you can save more time, energy and money in your health & wellness business!

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What are your favorite systems or resources to use in your health & wellness business? I would love to hear! Leave me a comment in the comments below and I will respond back to you!

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