How to Budget So You Can Travel More Often

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How to Budget So You Can Travel More Often & With Less Stress

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Going on vacation is something that we all wish we could do more of! More often than not, what is holding us back from planning to travel is how the heck are we going to pay for it?


You go on a vacation and have the time of your life, then return back to reality and have to face your fears, totaling up the damage that was done. Or not really looking at the numbers and just trying to avoid them.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to budget for your vacation so you can travel more often and with less stress!

Pick Where You Want to Go, but be Flexible

First, pick where you would like to go, what is your destination going to be?

Being flexible with where you want to go, has many benefits. If you can’t be as flexible with when you are going to go, I encourage you to be more flexible with where you are going to go. Maybe you want to go somewhere but it is their peak season, meaning you are going to pay the highest prices at that time. So considering going somewhere else where it might not be their peak season at the time that you want to travel. Do you really want to pay double or even more, when it is peak season?

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Tips for Saving Money on Travel

  • Use Google Flights to track flight prices so you can book when the prices are lower
  • Be flexible with your dates, the more flexible you can be of when you depart and return, allows you to get better deals because avoiding the busiest times, saves you money
  • Use AirBnb’s instead of hotels, you can save a ton of money by doing it and stay in some really gorgeous places! One of my stays cost me $45 for the night versus the hotel that I called that was $210 a night. If you want to save money on booking through Airbnb if it is your first time, click this link to save money on your first stay!
  • Take the time to do your research to compare, if you book your trip with minimal research, the cost of your trip is probably going to reflect that!

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Create a Budget of How Much Your Vacation or Trip is Going to Cost You

The second thing you need to do, is research and create a rough budget of what your vacation is going to cost you. Include accommodations, flights, transportation, meals, events you plan on doing while you are there, etc. You can take the dates that you would potentially like to go and see what the costs of flights and accommodations are at that time.

Total up how much each trip would cost and then you can compare them easier to one another. By having the total of how much it will likely cost you, you can then decide which one you can make fit into your budget.

Whatever you have figured out for your total, add more to it. We always like to budget low because seeing that smaller number makes us feel good and we forget about all of the little things that we have to pay for that are associated with travel, so whatever your total is, add more to it and it will be closer to how much it will actually cost you.

Then take your total and divide it by the number of months until you want to travel, and you know how much you need to put into an account every month that you will not touch until it is time to jet off! This makes it so you have the money for your trip to pay for it in full when that time comes along and you don’t have to worry about going into debt to go on the trip.

The important part, is to make sure you are setting this money aside every single month, it sounds simple, but it usually the piece that is forgotten, which means more stress!

Budgeting and paying for your trip with the money that you have and not just throwing it on a credit card and “worrying about it when I get home,” makes your trip so much more satisfying and laid back. When you get home, you will just be a little tired, but you don’t have to worry about the debt you’ve gone into and trying to “come up with the money” to pay off your vacation you just went on!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these tips and your experience. I’m on my way to one year traveling and I can use any tip to stay on a dbudget. Great post!

    1. You are so welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed them Isabel! Have an amaazing year of travelling!!! 🙂

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